Tropical Widening: From Global Variations to Regional Impacts

The Changing Width of the Tropical Belt Working Group was formed in 2016 to further the understanding of new insights that call into question the prevailing view about the nature and causes of changes in the width of the tropics. Read about the impacts and activities of the Working Group and the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Tropical Width Diagnostics Intercomparison Project on this topic in the recently published BAMS paper, "Tropical Widening: From Global Variations to Regional Impacts."

This paper is based off the efforts of the US CLIVAR Tropical Belt Working Group and the ISSI Tropical Width Diagnostics Intercomparison Project, with help from the US CLIVAR and ISSI Project Offices and their sponsoring agencies (NASA, NOAA, NSF, DOE, ESA, Swiss Confederation, Swiss Academy of Sciences, and University of Bern). Read the BAMS article here.