CMEP 2004 Proposals Awarded

Awards were announced October 1, 2004

Proposal Title
A. Capotondi
Interannual and Decadal Variability in the Topical Pacific Ocean: Description and Mechanisms
D. Chelton and E. Maloney
An Investigation of SST Influence on Surface Wind Stress in Climate Models

Oregon State University

K. Cook
Sensitivity of the West African Monsoon to Gulf of Guinea SSTs
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University
R. Curran and W. Lau
Hydrological Cycles in the Tropics
University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus
L. Goddard
Performance-based Probabilistic Multi-Model Climate Change Scenarios
International Research Institute
K. Hamilton and H. Annamalai
South Asian Summer Monsoon climatology and Variability in the Control and 20th Century IPCC AR4 Simulations

IPRC, University of Hawaii

I. Kamenkovich
Subantarctic Mode Water and Antarctic Intermediate Water: How well are they represented in climate models?
University of Washington
D. Karoly
Simple Indices of climate Variability and Change
University of Oklahoma
B. Leipert
Evaluation of Surface Solar Irradiance in Coupled Climate Models
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - Columbia University
J. Lin, B. Mapes and K. Weickmann
Intraseasonal Variabilities: Structure and Feedback Analysis
M. McPhaden
Assessing Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability in Climate Models
S. Nigam and R. Joseph
Teleconnection Structure and Evolution in the coupled Model Simulations
University of Maryland
J. Overland and M. Wang
Evaluation of the coupled Climate Model Simulations over the Arctic - Contrasting the Warming in the 1990s versus 1930-50s
M. Raphael and M. Holland
Model Simulation of the Southern Hemisphere Atmospheric Circulation, Antarctic Sea Ice, and their Interaction: An Evaluation
A. Ruiz-Barradas and S. Nigam
Diagnosis of North American Hydroclimate Variability in Coupled Model Simulations
University of Maryland
A. Solomon
Pacific Subtropical Cells in coupled climate model simulations of the late 19th-20th century
S. Sun
Model Intercomparison: Thermohaline Circulation and Its Relation to Surface Fluxes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
G. Tselioudis and M. Chandler
Evaluation of Midlatitude Storm Characteristics and Variability in IPCC Coupled Models
Columbia University
M. Wehner
Multivariate Climate Change Detections
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The following two proposals were independently funded by the modeling centers.

R. Miller
Diagnoses of Annular Mode Variability in the IPCC Twentieth Century Simulations
A. Dai