Welcome to the US Climate Variability and Predictability Program

National Academies releases decadal survey of ocean sciences

Ocean and clouds

Eight science priorities have been identified by the National Academy of Sciences “to identify areas of strategic investment with the highest potential payoff” for the next decade. Such priorities include sea level rise, processes that contribute to climate variability, and the role of biodiversity, to name a few. Ultimately these priorities have broad societal relevance and will help shape investments in ocean-related infrastructure. 

Call for new US CLIVAR Panel members

2014 US CLIVAR Summit

The US CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) seeks qualified individuals to serve on its three subsidiary Panels. These Panels formulate science goals and implementation strategies, catalyze and coordinate activities, and work with agencies and international partners to advance the progress of the climate research community. For more information, and to nominate yourself or a colleague, please review the full announcement. Nominations are due February 26.

Presentations online for Ocean's Carbon and Heat Uptake Workshop

Presentations from a joint workshop between the Ocean Carbon Uptake and Southern Ocean Working Groups are now online. This workshop brought together over 80 participants to catalyze progress toward understanding the ocean’s role in carbon and heat uptake by strengthening communication and collaboration across traditional disciplinary boundaries, exchanging results from recent studies, and discussing the most promising directions for future research.

US CLIVAR Brochure on Progress and Opportunities

Front cover image for brochure

US CLIVAR has developed a new brochure to accompany the Science Plan, which highlights key program achievements, opportunities and research challenges for the future, and societal impacts. This 8-page document is geared for a more generalist perspective and provides an overview of the program. Both the brochure and Science Plan can be downloaded here

Variations 2014 Fall Edition

Front cover image for newsletter

The 2014 fall edition of Variations examines the applications of US CLIVAR science for management and decision-making. Contributing authors provide insights about bridging the gap of climate science communication, information needs for management agencies and organizations, and opportunities for scientists to work with intermediaries of the climate service community.

Save the date! RAPID/US AMOC International Science Meeting

The UK RAPID and US AMOC programs will be hosting a joint international science meeting on July 21-24, 2015 in Bristol, UK called, Towards a holistic picture of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation via observation, modelling, and synthesis. The goal of the meeting is improve the understanding of AMOC and its impacts on weather, climate, and ecosystems, in the past, present, and future. Abstracts and registration opens in early 2015, and interested parties can register to recieve email updates on the website