2020 Call for new US CLIVAR working groups

Optional hike led by Large Ensembles Working Group members

Requests are now being accepted for new US CLIVAR-sponsored working groups for 2021. Submissions are encouraged from the US climate science community. All documents must be submitted by October 16, 2020. The next call for working groups will be in September 2021.

Working Groups

The US CLIVAR program establishes limited-lifetime, action-oriented Working Groups of scientists to coordinate and implement focused activities for the benefit of the scientific community. Working Groups supported from this year's call will be initiated by Spring 2021 and undertake actionable and measurable tasks over a 2–3 year period. 

Any questions should be sent to uscpo@usclivar.org. Please distribute this call to your colleagues and networks.

Requests are due by October 16, 2020.