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January 2018

Contribute a testimonial celebrating US CLIVAR

In recognition of 20 years of advancing climate research, US CLIVAR is seeking testimonials from the community and agency sponsors who have helped shape the program. Read what the community has to say and please consider sharing your testimonial. 

January 2018

Abstracts due Feb 23 for TPOS 2020 workshop

Abstracts and registration are now open for a workshop on Bridging Sustained Observations & Data Assimilation for TPOS 2020 to be held in Boulder, Colorado, May 1-3, 2018. This workshop will bring together the observational, modeling, and data assimilation communities to rethink the next-generation sustained observing system in the tropical Pacific.  

January 2018

US CLIVAR celebrates 20 years

For the past 20 years, the US CLIVAR program has addressed some of the most pressing research questions to understand the climate system, particularly the great uncertainties related to the role of the ocean. To recognize the community and build on achievements, the program will host several events throughout the year. 


December 2017

CLIVAR town hall & sessions at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

At the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, International and US CLIVAR will host a town hall on Thursday, February 15 at 12:45 pm on “CLIVAR’s Course: Accomplishments and Future Science Priorities.” Additional sessions relevant for the community have also been compiled. 

December 2017

Research highlights year in review

Advancements in research into how the climate interacts with the Earth system are showcased in this collection of published highlights from 2017, featuring science conducted by members of the US CLIVAR community. 

December 2017

US CLIVAR welcomes Dan Vimont as new chair of SSC

Dan Vimont, University of Wisconsin-Madison, will serve as the new chair of the US CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) through 2018. The SSC chair directs US CLIVAR activities by advancing the Science Plan, identifying new opportunities for engagement, and serving as an ambassador for the program. 

November 2017

Call for new US CLIVAR Panel members

The US CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee seeks qualified individuals to serve on its three subsidiary panels beginning in 2018. Panel members formulate science goals and implementation strategies, catalyze and coordinate activities, and work with agencies and international partners to advance the progress of the climate research community. Nominations or self-nominations are due January 3, 2018. 

November 2017

Variations: Frontiers in western boundary current research

Western boundary current regions are often studied for their intensity of air-sea interaction and mesoscale variability, yet research addressing the implications of these characteristics for biogeochemical cycling has lagged behind. This latest edition of Variations, joint with US OCB, features articles discussing some of the most pressing research questions. 

November 2017

US CLIVAR Summit Report

The 2017 US CLIVAR Summit brought together over 80 members of the community for three days to review progress, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to advance program goals under the direction of the Science Plan. 

November 2017

Variations webinar on November 14

Building on a recent workshop, the next edition of Variations will be joint with the Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Program looking at western boundary current regions of the ocean, which have characteristics ideal for the study of biophysical interactions and carbon cycle processes. The authors of the articles will be giving a webinar on Tuesday, November 14 at 1:00 pm ET.