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June 2021

Request for public comments on best practices document for commercial Earth observations

The United States Group on Earth Observations (USGEO) is preparing a document containing best practices for Federal government procurement of commercial Earth observation and geospatial data and services, per the 2019 National Plan for Civil Earth Observations. USGEO is seeking public input from all interested parties (e.g., private sector providers and users, academia, and the public) on best practices to inform the writing of this report. Written input is due June 30, 2021.

June 2021

Recordings for the Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop now available

Recordings of the plenary sessions are now available online. This include the plenary talks, summary of panel sessions, and opening/closing remarks.

May 2021

Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop Report

The Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop Report summarizes efforts and lessons learned from the October 2019 workshop and includes emergent themes from the workshop, barriers hindering water isotope applications, and recommendations.

April 2021

A Window to the Future: Why Greenland’s Continental Shelves Hold the Reins of Its Melting Glaciers

Over the last two decades, researchers have established a clear connection between ocean conditions on the continental shelf and the behavior of Greenland’s more than 200 marine terminating glaciers. But there is still no comprehensive system for monitoring these changes over the long term—such as the one proposed by Straneo et al. (2019)—and it is desperately needed. Check out the new Arctic Ocean Circulation Workshop blog by guest authors Josh Willis, Michael Wood, and Ian Fenty.

April 2021

Workshop on Future US Earth System Reanalysis

The Workshop on Future US Earth System Reanalysis aims at developing a shared scientific, technological, and application vision for the future of the US reanalysis efforts over the next 5-10 years. Registration and abstract submission will open this summer.

March 2021

Registration now open for GO-BGC Virtual Workshop

Building a Community of Biogeochemical Float Data Users: The GO-BGC array is a 5-year effort funded by NSF to deploy 500 profiling floats eqiupped with biogeochemical sensors in the world ocean. To inform and engage a broad oceanographic user community, US CLIVAR is teaming up with OCB and GO-BGC leadership to plan a virtual workshop from June 28-30, 2021.

March 2021

Spring 2021 call for US CLIVAR-supported workshops

Requests are now being accepted for US CLIVAR-sponsored workshops. Submissions are encouraged from the US climate science community and their collaborators. All documents must be submitted by April 23. The next call for workshops will be in fall 2021.

February 2021

Seeking community input on draft data commercialization white paper

US CLIVAR seeks comments and input from the science community on the draft white paper "Summarizing Weather, Climate, and Earth System Observational Data Sharing Needs for Research and Education." Comments are due March 15, 2021.

February 2021

State estimation and observing system design in support of Arctic Ocean Observing

In preparation for the US CLIVAR Arctic Circulation Workshop, organizing committee member Patrick Heimbach and his team contribute to post #3: State estimation and observing system design in support of Arctic Ocean Observing.

January 2021

Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop: Agenda now available

The agenda for the virtual 2021 Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop (May 24-26, 2021) is now available.