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August 2018

AMOC meeting presentations online

The 2018 International AMOC Science Meeting drew over 100 scientists working on overturning circulation research and its influence on weather, climate, and ecosystems. Oral and poster presentations from the meeting are available online. 

August 2018

Community testimonials on US CLIVAR's 20 years

Members of the US CLIVAR community are sharing some of their thoughts on the value to the scientific community, stories and achievements from over the years, and hopes for the future. 

August 2018

US AMOC Science Team plans to wind down

The US AMOC Science Team will officially sunset on December 31, 2020. Leading up to this date, the team will undertake activities to ensure the community is well-positioned to continue advancing AMOC research. Ideas and suggestion are welcome. 

July 2018

Science at the 2018 International AMOC Meeting

On July 24–27, over a hundred scientists will gather to develop a better understanding of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) and its influence on weather, climate, and ecosystems. You can glimpse some of the science being presented at the meeting via the digital poster gallery or reading an abstract. 

June 2018

Exploring the interplay between ocean eddies and the atmosphere

The organizers of a recent workshop, Ocean Mesoscale Eddy Interactions with the Atmosphere, published an article in Eos on the major outcomes and findings. The workshop drew more than 50 oceanographers and atmospheric scientists to assess the state of knowledge about ocean eddy–atmosphere interactions and to plan research.

June 2018

CLIVAR-relevant sessions at 2018 AGU Fall Meeting

The 2018 AGU Fall Meeting will be held from December 10–14 in Washington, DC. In preparation for the meeting, we have compiled a list of sessions that are relevant to the community and organized by our Panels, Working Groups, and community members. The list of sessions is not intended to be exhaustive but to help digest the collection of the hundreds of sessions and events. The deadline for abstracts is August 1. 

June 2018

Webinar on tropical belt widening on June 27

Join us on June 27 at 1:00 pm ET for our next webinar in the Variations series on "Expansion of the tropics." This webinar will feature contributors to our most recent edition.

June 2018

Learn about Climate Process Teams

For a decade and a half, US CLIVAR has promoted the concept of Climate Process Teams (CPTs). CPTs are a useful way to transfer process-oriented research into climate model development. The history of CPTs, key lessons from past efforts, and how to propose future projects are outlined on the website.

May 2018

Variations Spring 2018: Expansion of the tropics

The most recent edition of Variations is themed "Expansion of the tropics" and focuses on the magnitude, cause, and impacts of the recent expansion of the tropical belt region. The articles present some of the most pressing research questions, ideas for standardizing methods, the role of anthropogenic and natural variability, and how widening varies by region with different impacts over land and the ocean.

May 2018

AMOC Science Team Report

In its 10th year, the US AMOC Science Team report captures progress on the main objectives of the program, identifies new programmatic gaps,  provides near- and long-term research priorities, and outlines activities leading up to the sunset of the team.