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May 2018

TPOS 2020 workshop presentations and posters

Over 50 participants gathered in Boulder, Colorado, on May 1–3 to discuss pathways for bridging observations to data assimilation for understanding the tropical Pacific, as part of the TPOS 2020 project. The presentations and posters presented during the workshop are available online for viewing. A workshop summary and report will be forthcoming. 

April 2018

Webcast for TPOS 2020 workshop

The upcoming workshop on Bridging Sustained Observations and Data Assimilation for TPOS 2020 will be webcast on Tuesday, May 1. The opening day of the workshop will feature plenary presentations from the observational, modeling, and data assimilation communities. 

April 2018

New water isotopes working group begins

The US CLIVAR Working Group on Observations and Modeling of Water Isotopes in the Climate System was formed in April 2018 and will wrap up in three years. The intent of the working group is to is to characterize and utilize water isotope ratios as a climate variable. 

April 2018

Join our team!

We are looking to hire a Meeting and Event Planner III to provide the US CLIVAR program with meeting, financial, and operations management to advance the multi-agency funded program goals. This position will be located in Washington, DC. Applications are due April 25. 

March 2018

Process Study webinar series for 2018

The PSMI Panel is organizing a webinar series on proposed and current process studies starting in April 2018. The goals of this series are to provide feedback on the process study/field campaign plans and distill programmatic lessons learned. The webinars are open to the entire community. 

March 2018

White paper on Arctic change and mid-latitude connections

Members of a US CLIVAR Working Group and a recent workshop have published a white paper on Arctic change and possible influence on mid-latitude climate and weather. This report brings together experts in the fields of atmospheric, oceanic, and cryospheric sciences to assess the rapidly evolving state of understanding, identify consensus on knowledge and gaps in research, and develop specific actions to accelerate progress within the research community.

March 2018

Southern Ocean Working Group releases metrics paper

The US CLIVAR/OCB Southern Ocean Working Group published a paper on observationally based metrics that help standardize the evaluation of climate models and reduce the uncertainty in projections in the Southern Ocean.

March 2018

Spring 2018 call for US CLIVAR-supported workshops

Requests are now being accepted for US CLIVAR-sponsored workshops for 2018 and beyond. Submissions are encouraged from the US climate science community and their collaborators. All documents must be submitted by April 20. The next call for workshops will be in fall 2018. 

March 2018

Abstracts due March 16: International subseasonal to decadal conferences

On September 17-21, the Second International Conference on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) and the Second International Conference on Seasonal to Decadal Prediction (S2D) will be held in Boulder, Colorado, including a joint segment between the two conferences. Abstracts are due March 16 for this international meeting.

March 2018

New large ensemble working group begins

The US CLIVAR Working Group on Large “Initial-Condition” Earth System Model Ensembles was formed in March 2018 and will wrap up in three years. The intent of the working group is to spearhead a dedicated effort across the national and international climate communities to advance progress on identifying anthropogenic influences on weather and climate amidst the “noise” of internal variability.