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July, 2019

July Newsgram

2019 July Newsgram

The latest news, meetings, jobs, and funding opportunities for the climate science community in our July Newsgram.

July, 2019

2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting

CLIVAR town hall & sessions at 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting

The 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting will be held February 16-21 in San Diego, California. We have started to put together a list of US CLIVAR-sponsored sessions along with Town Halls, events, workshops, and other sessions that may be of interested to the US CLIVAR community. This is an ongoing list that will be updated regularly.

June, 2019

July POS Panel Webinar Series

Simon Good (UK Met Office) will present at the next POS Panel webinar series on July 11, 2019. Join us for his presentation entitled "Optimisation of the way we automatically quality check data in order to improve the historical record of ocean temperature profiles, as part of the International Quality Controlled Ocean Database (IQuOD) collaboration".

June, 2019

CLIVAR-relevant sessions at 2019 AGU Fall Meeting

The 2019 AGU Fall Meeting will be held from December 9-13 in San Francisco, California. In preparation for the meeting, we have compiled a list of sessions and town halls that are relevant to the community and organized by our Panels, Working Groups, and community members. The list of sessions is not intended to be exhaustive but to help digest the collection of the hundreds of sessions and events.

June, 2019

Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop

Whether you currently work with isotopic tracers or not, if you are interested in climate-related questions with a direct water cycle link, come help us identify the most effective ways to make progress in understanding and predicting water cycle variability and change by applying new isotopic measurement and modeling techniques. Join us at the Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, October 1-3 to develop new strategies for applying isotope ratios towards understanding and predicting the water cycle’s role in climate variability and change. Registration closes September 27.

June, 2019

June Newsgram

June 2019 Newsgram

The latest news, meetings, jobs, and funding opportunities for the climate science community in our June Newsgram.

June, 2019

June AMOC Webinar Series

Tune in on Thursday, June 20 at 12PM EDT for an AMOC webinar with Martha Buckley (George Mason University): "Predictability of North Atlantic Ocean Temperatures in observations and CMIP5 models".

May, 2019

CMIP6 Hackathon logo

CMIP6 Hackathon

Join us at the CMIP6 Hackathon (October 16-18, 2019), a hands-on event including tutorials, software development, data analysis, and opportunities for collaboration centered around effective computational workflows and CMIP-related science. Application deadline is July 31, 2019.

May, 2019

June POS Panel Webinar Series

Michael Jacox (NOAA) will present at the next POS Panel webinar series on June 6, 2019. Join us for his presentation entitled "Modeling and monitoring bottom-up drivers of California Current System productivity".

May, 2019

US AMOC Science Team Webinar

The latest US AMOC Science Team webinar is now available on our YouTube channel. The May 16 webinar featured Michael Spall (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and his talk on "Wind-driven variability of the MOC".