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June, 2020

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NEW DATES - Arctic Circulation Workshop

June, 2020

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NEW DATES - Multi-Year Workshop

May, 2020

US AMOC flyer

NEW DATES - US AMOC Science Team Meeting

Save the new dates for the US AMOC Science Team Meeting, scheduled for April 12-15, 2021 in Woods Hole, MA. Now in its final year, the Science Team invites colleagues from the US and international community to review progress over the past decade and to identify remaining priorities to guide future international collaborations in the decade ahead. 

May, 2020

PPAI Panel Webinar Series

May PPAI Panel Webinar

Join us Wednesday May 20 at 2pm ET for the PPAI Panel Webinar Series. This webinar will continue the theme of marine heatwaves and feature Mike Jacox (NOAA SWFSC/ESRL), "Thermal displacement - a new metric for characterizing marine heatwaves and their potential impacts".

April, 2020

POS Panel Webinar

May POS Panel Webinar

Meghan Cronin (NOAA PMEL) will give a presentation on TPOS, including the TPOS pre-field campaign as part of the POS Panel Webinar Series on May 7.

April, 2020

UQ Working Group Word Cloud

New! Ocean Uncertainty Quantification Working Group

The US CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Uncertainty Quantification was formed in April 2020. The Working Group aims to develop strategies and identify best practices for improving the understanding, derivation, communication, and utilization of the uncertainties of ocean in-situ, remote, and modeled products related to physical variables.

April, 2020

April Newsgram

April 2020 Newsgram

The latest news, meetings, jobs, and funding opportunities for the climate science community in our April Newsgram, including the rescheduled dates for our Multi-Year Workshop.

April, 2020

Large Ensembles Workshop Summary

A Summary of the Large Ensembles Workshop

Missed out on the Large Ensembles Workshop last July? The Large Ensembles Working Group put together a short 6-page summary discussing themes addressed in plenary and breakout sessions, format of the workshop, and links to additional resources.

April, 2020

April PPAI Panel Webinar Series

April PPAI Panel Webinar Series

Join us Wednesday, April 15 at 2pm EDT for the Predictability, Predictions, and Applications Interface Panel webinar. This webinar will feature a talk from Dillon Amaya (University of Colorado) on "The return of the Blob: understanding the recent North Pacific marine heatwave and its implications for the future ".

March, 2020

April 2020 POS Panel Webinar ft. Donata Giglio

April POS Panel Webinar Series

Donata Giglio (University of Colorado) will present at the next POS Panel webinar series on April 2, 2020. Join us for her presentation entitled "Argovis: A Next Generation Platform for co-located Oceanic and Atmospheric Data to Accelerate Climate Science Workflows"