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October, 2021

Art by Dave Bonan

The Pattern Effect: Coupling of SST Patterns, Radiative Feedbacks, and Climate Sensitivity Workshop

The workshop's goal is to advance our understanding of the coupling between surface temperatures and radiative feedbacks and the origin and timescales of surface temperature pattern evolution. Abstract submission will open in January 2022.

October, 2021

Cover of the Fall 2021 Variations

2021 Fall Variations

The 2021 fall edition of Variations is themed "New Frontiers for Ocean Surface Currents," with guest editors Kyla Drushka (University of Washington) and Mark Bourassa (Florida State University).

This edition of Variations highlights the state of knowledge of vertical velocity structure and its implications and measurement challenges, wind-wave-current interactions, and the role of surface currents in biological dispersion. In addition, the expected impact of technological and modeling advances on scientific understanding of ocean forecasting is discussed.

September, 2021

Participants of the 2019 US CLIVAR Summit

2022 Call for new US CLIVAR Panel members

Apply to join one of the three US CLIVAR implementation Panels that formulate science goals and implementation strategies, catalyze and coordinate activities, and work with agencies and international partners to advance the progress of the climate research community. Specific expertise is sought for each Panel. Deadline to apply is October 29, 2021.

September, 2021

2019 US CLIVAR Early Career Scientist Leadership Award recipients

2021 US CLIVAR Early Career Scientist Leadership Awards

The US CLIVAR Early Career Scientist Leadership Awards seek to recognize early career members of the US Earth system science community for their contributions to leading community activities to advance science on the role of the ocean in climate variability and predictability. Examples of relevant community activities include organizing a community training program, workshop, conference, or outreach event; coordinating a multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary, and/or multi-institutional collaborative research project; leading a state of the science review, synthesis, or assessment. These examples are intended to be illustrative, not prescriptive. Leadership can take many forms, and this award opportunity allows for highlighting such diversity in making impactful contributions to community activities. Nominations are due October 15, 2021.

August, 2021

Group of people at a US CLIVAR workshop

Fall 2021 call for US CLIVAR-supported workshops

Requests are now being accepted for US CLIVAR-sponsored workshops. Submissions are encouraged from the US climate science community and collaborators. All documents must be submitted by September 24. The next call for workshops will be in spring 2022. 

August, 2021

Ocean Sciences logo

CLIVAR town hall & sessions at 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting

The 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting will take place February 27-March 4, 2022 in Honolulu, HI. This year's theme, "Balance is Key" emphasizes the importance of working together. Included here is a list of relevant sessions organized by the community.

August, 2021

Ecological Forecasting flyer

Daily to Decadal Ecological Forecasting along North American Coastlines Workshop

The Daily to Decadal Ecological Forecasting along North American Coastlines Workshop, a joint effort between US CLIVAR and the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) programs, will be held April 12-14, 2022 in Woods Hole, MA and virtual.

August, 2021

Climate at the Coast Research Challenge

Research Challenge on Climate at the Coasts. A US CLIVAR White Paper

US CLIVAR is pleased to share this White Paper, an addendum to the US CLIVAR Science Plan, outlining the motivation, scope, and research directions for a newly established ten-year Research Challenge on Climate at the Coasts. The White Paper identifies multiple avenues for future research needs and areas of opportunity including new coastal observations for process understanding of coastal systems, the evaluation of models for improved predictability, and trans-disciplinary methods to link science and applications across US coastlines. As envisioned, the Research Challenge will engage participation of scientists within the US CLIVAR community and develop partnerships with the many other research and applications programs addressing coastal variability and change.

July, 2021

July Newsgram

July Newsgram

The latest news, meetings, jobs, and funding opportunities for the climate science community.

July, 2021

AMS 102nd meeting logo

102nd AMS Meeting, CLIVAR Sessions of Interest

The American Meteorological Society will be hosting its 102nd Annual Meeting January 23-27, 2022 virtually. Included here are a number of sessions relevant to the US CLIVAR community.