New AMOC Science Team vice-chairs

Science Team

New task team vice-chairs for the US AMOC Science Team will begin their leadership terms in November 2017 to guide the next two years of activities. 

The US AMOC Science Team Executive Committee is comprised of nine members: the chair and the co-leads of the four Task Teams. Each year, the Task Team chair rotates off of the committee and a new vice-chair is selected. The 2017/2018 vice-chairs are:

Kathleen Donohue

  US AMOC Task Team 1 vice-chair

  Kathleen Donohue, University of Rhode Island

claudia schmid

  US AMOC Task Team 2 vice-chair

  Claudia Schmid, NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

Aixue Hu

  US AMOC Task Team 3 vice-chair

  Aixue Hu, National Center for Atmospheric Research



Chris little

  US AMOC Task Team 4 vice-chair

  Chris Little, Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc.