US Climate Variability and Predictability Program

DRICOMP Proposals Awarded

Drought in Coupled Models Project (DRICOMP), focuses on evaluation of a variety of existing model products to address issues such as the roles of the oceans and the seasonal cycle in drought, the impacts of drought on water availability, and distinctions between drought and drying.

US AMOC Task Team 4 Members
Name Proposal Title Affiliation

Michaela Biasutti and Adam Sobel

Mechanisms of 21st Century changes in Sahel Precipitation in the CMIP3 Climate Models

Columbia University - LDEO

Annalisa Bracco

ENSO and droughts over North America. The interdecadal variability of the SST forced signal.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Robert Burgman and Amy Clement

Past and Future North American Drought

RSMAS - University of Miami

Antonietta Capotondi

Decade-Long Droughts in the Western U.S. and their Connection to Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability


Tsing-Chang Chen and Joseph Tribbia

Droughts in the Central Plains of the United States

Iowa State University

K. Cook and Edward Vizy

Hydrodynamics of the Caribbean Low-Level Jet and its Relationship to Drought

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

Eric DeWeaver and David Lorenz

The Role of Land-Atmosphere Coupling in Perpetuating Drought

University of Wisconsin

Ian Ferguson, John Dracup and Phil Duffy

Stochastic Characteristics of Drought and Surface-Atmosphere Drought Forcing in Coupled GCMs

University of California, Berkeley (LLNL)

Lisa Goddard

Diagnosing El Nino induced tropical droughts in seasonal forecasts and climate change projections

International Research Institute

Kristopher Karnauskas and Antonio Busalacchi

Understanding Tropical-Subtropical Forcing and Predictability of Long-term North American Drought in Coupled Models

ESSIC, University of Maryland

Bradfield Lyon

Investigating the joint occurrence of summer drought and heat waves in climate change projections

International Research Institute

M. McPhaden and Dongxiao Zhang

Ocean's Role on Tropical SST and Mid-Latitude Droughts in Climate Models


Xiao-Wei Quan, Martin Hoerling and Jon Eischeid Quantifying Drought in CMIP Simulations


A. Ruiz-Barradas and S. Nigam

SST – North American Drought Links in 20th Century Simulations and 21st Century Climate Projections

University of Maryland

Sang-Ik Shin

Changes in the impacts of tropical SSTs on the global and regional hydroclimate


Ning Zeng

Seasonal Cycle of Drought in Coupled Climate Models and its Implication for the Hydro-ecosystem

University of Maryland