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Testimonial from Bob Weller

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Bob Weller

US CLIVAR has come far in its first 20 years. It has done much to meld communities together and to draw from the talent of the diverse ocean, atmosphere, and climate communities in the US. Moving toward a structure built around its three panels on phenomena, syntheses, and observations; process studies and model improvement; and prediction, predictability and applications interfaces and establishing Climate Process Teams to formally bring observers and modelers together to channel new findings into model improvements have been great successes for US CLIVAR to the benefit of the community and society.  US CLIVAR’s organization of topical working groups and science teams has provided a means for groups of investigators to come together, consider, and formulate approaches to key problems. The leadership of the US CLIVAR Project Office has been excellent over the years and is congratulated on their successes at energizing and catalyzing progress. Best wishes for another 20-year run and building continuing legacies of support for US climate science and coordination with the agencies that fund that science.