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Testimonial from Heather Benway

Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Program
Photo of Heather

US CLIVAR is a well oiled machine that greatly increases the return on this nation's investment in climate research! This program has long provided critical scientific planning and coordination for the climate research community. Since 2011, the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program has enjoyed fruitful collaborations with US CLIVAR, including workshops and focused working group activities that have brought together the highly complementary expertise of our networks to explore and elucidate mechanisms of ocean carbon uptake and cycling, which are key players in Earth's climate. These activities have yielded countless scientific products and outcomes in the form of reports, thematic joint newsletter issues, publications, metrics for earth system models, etc. More importantly, these collaborations have opened a productive and necessary dialog across disciplines of oceanography, climate dynamics and atmospheric science that is pushing the limits of our observational and modeling capacity and advancing our understanding of carbon-climate interactions in the earth system. In addition to the clear scientific benefits of our collaborations with this program, the OCB Project Office has thoroughly enjoyed working with the US CLIVAR Project Office and the scientists that make up its network. As we honor US CLIVAR's 20 years of service to the climate research community, we look forward to many more years of collaboration, community building, and scientific discovery!