2016 POS Panel Meeting

On July 18-20, 2016, the US CLIVAR POS Panel held a meeting in place of the annual Summit at the University of Washington in Seattle. The meeting was organized around a series of six topical sessions. The Panel organized their sessions to include presentations by Panel members or invited speakers who were local. The final agenda, list of sessions, and links to the presentations can be found below.

2016 POS Panel Meeting Report

2016 POS Panel Meeting Agenda

Session 1: Recent Climate Diagnostics

Samantha Stevenson - Status and impacts of 2015-2016 El Nino event

Art Miller - Blob Update: Pacific Anomalies Workshop Summary 


Session 2: Climate Monitoring Status and Needs

Renellys Perez - Global Drifter Program status and future directions

Fred Bingham/Kyla Drushka - SPURS update and scientific results of Aquarius

Renellys Perez/Alison Macdonald/Fred Bingham - Future of deep moored technologies and their synthesis with other observations

Billy Kessler - TPOS Update

Subra Bulusu - Scatterometer and salinity missions: Status and needs

Alison Macdonald - Status of GO-SHIP and framework for program review

Jamie Morison - Arctic monitoring status and needs

Kyla Drushka/Subra Bulusu - IIOE-2 update

Bob Weller - AtlantOS update


Session 3: Climate Analysis Status and Needs

Xiaosong Yang - Update on ocean, atmosphere, ocean-atmosphere coupled reanalysis strategies, products, and needs

Carol Anne Clayson/Yolande Serra - Status and needs of surface flux analyses and in situ observations 

Art Miller - Update on the focus topics of the International Workshop on Coupled Data Assimilation

Bob Weller - NAS Sustaining ocean observations study, Phase I


Session 4: Understanding Climate Variations and Linkages

Kyle Armour - Coupled links between the tropics/ITCZ and AMOC


Session 5: Tech Topic Science Highlight

Steve Riser - New technologies for profiling floats and Deep Argo


Session 6: Workshops and Working Groups

Qiang Fu - Expansion of Hadley Cell WG update

Zoltan Szuts - Paleo-AMOC workshop highlights

Yolande Serra - IAS workshop summary and needs for monitoring