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Research Highlight Guidelines

The research highlights section of the US CLIVAR website is intended to feature CLIVAR-related research that has been published, with an emphasis on recent and interesting findings, and to share these highlights with the broader scientific community. The site is not meant to be inclusive of all US CLIVAR research areas but is a glimpse of some of the relevant scientific activities.  

Who can submit?

  • US scientists on individual agency and interagency US CLIVAR-sponsored projects (e.g., process studies, Climate Process Teams, Climate Model Evaluation Projects)
  • SSC and Panel members (current and former)
  • Working group members
  • US AMOC Science Team members
  • Others with a connection to US CLIVAR, such as a workshop organizer, participant, or invited speaker
  • No more than one submission per scientist in a six month period
  • Great opportunity for early career scientist authors to showcase their results

What topics are suitable?

  • Must be relevant to the US CLIVAR scope of activities as it relates to the mission, goals, and scope of program activities
  • Timely research: findings that have been published within the past year
  • As a highlight, the research findings should be of high importance and wide interest, rather than incremental

What is the format?

  • A short synopsis featuring the major finding(s), approximately 300-400 words
  • Title that reflects the highlight, but is not identical to the publication
  • One figure/table/picture and a caption (Note: all images must come with approved copyright and reproduction/use permissions)
  • Language and style must be accessible to a broad science-educated audience, but not necessarily within your own field of expertise
  • Link to the original research publication or website
  • List of all authors that are part of original research or publication (Note: lead author does not have to be the contributor to the highlight)
  • Each highlight should be written by one author (exceptions can be made for two authors)


US CLIVAR Project Office will review all submissions and provide editorial revisions for clarification, style, and accuracy.

Scientists who are interested in submitting a research highlight should review the ones published on the website (for format examples) and email the idea/publication to the US CLIVAR Project Office, A response will be sent within a week regarding the potential contribution and a suggested timeline for submission. The author of the highlight will have final approval of all editorial revisions. 

Updated August 2022