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2018 International AMOC Science Meeting

Coconut Grove, Florida


In July 2018, scientists will join together to exchange ideas and develop a better understanding of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) and its influence on weather, climate, and ecosystems. Bringing together members of the international climate and ocean science communities, ranging from paleo perspectives to future outlooks, the meeting will focus on a few anticipated themes but the agenda is open to all topics related to the AMOC.  

AMOC as a 4D process.

As part of the global climate system, it is useful to understand the AMOC as a 4-dimensional process, where the spatial connectivity of AMOC-related circulation, water mass properties, and associated volume, heat, and salt transports may vary on different timescales. We aim to explore spatial regimes over which common forcing mechanisms govern temporal variability.

AMOC proxies and fingerprints.

Developing AMOC proxies and fingerprints from paleo, in situ, and satellite measurements are important for modeling and prediction capabilities. We want to know how we can build long-term climate records for changes in the AMOC and how this information can be integrated across different communities, improve our numerical models, and enhance our prediction capability.

AMOC in a changing climate.

How the AMOC has responded to changes in the global climate, and conversely how the AMOC contributes to climate change, are areas of active research with large societal relevance. We will focus on the feedbacks between the AMOC and climate, extreme weather, sea level, the cryosphere (sea and land ice), the carbon cycle, and ecosystems — in historical, current, and future scenarios.


The organizing committee will invite speakers for select topics in addition to choosing speakers (particularly early career scientists and students) from the pool of applicants who indicate an interest in giving an oral presentation when submitting an abstract. Those who submit an abstract and are not slated to give a talk may be selected to present a poster during one of the poster sessions. A digital poster gallery will also give the poster presenters an opportunity to showcase their work in advance and after the meeting ends. Participants may attend the meeting without submitting an abstract.

Organizing Committee

Renellys Perez, Chair (NOAA AOML)
Jeff Becker (US CLIVAR)
Martha Buckley (George Mason U.)
Gokhan Danabasoglu (NCAR)
Helen Johnson (U. Oxford)
Elaine McDonagh (National Oceanography Centre)
Mike Patterson (US CLIVAR)
Michael Spall (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Meric Srokosz (National Oceanography Centre)
Kristan Uhlenbrock (US CLIVAR)
Richard Wood (Met Office)


This meeting is sponsored by the US AMOC Science Team and UK RAPID program, with financial support from NERC and US CLIVAR


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Tuesday, July 24

Wednesday, July 25

Thursday, July 26

Friday, July 27


Abstract submission: February 28

Registration: July 2