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Workshop on Future US Earth System Reanalysis Outcomes

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May 6, 2022

Abstract Submission

Poster abstracts: February 4, 2022

Boulder, CO and Virtual


Outcomes of the workshop include a community consensus report to US CLIVAR with a set of recommendations for key ways to facilitate development of the next generation of Earth system reanalysis in the US over the next 5-10 years.

In addition, the SOC aims to publish in a BAMS-related article a vision for consistent reanalysis of the climate system in 2030. This vision will include:

  • Scientific requirements for a consistent Earth system reanalysis in 2030:
    • How science and applications (including numerical weather prediction) drive the need for consistent reanalysis.
    • Model components and the level of coupling that is feasible to achieve by 2030.
    • Catalogue observational data available to support a consistent climate reanalysis and identify needs for observational data rescue and future observing systems that are needed to support future reanalysis efforts.
  • Technological challenges, limitations, and opportunities for developing consistent reanalysis of the climate system:
    • Identify priorities for the data rescue and reprocessing.
    • Estimate computational cost of the reanalysis development and production.
    • Identify how data availability maps on different modes for reanalysis (e.g., modern era, early satellite era, in situ, sparse).
    • Identify candidate data assimilation configurations and production strategies to enable scientific objectives of consistent reanalysis of the climate system by 2030.
  • Identify opportunities for achieving this vision by 2030 at reduced cost or on a faster schedule through collaboration:
    • Requirements for joint infrastructure (JEDI, observation sharing, diagnostic sharing).
    • Opportunities for shared experimentation.
    • Collaboration between climate modeling/data products communities and reanalysis producers.
    • Collaboration between reanalysis producers.