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2021 US CLIVAR Early Career Scientist Leadership Awards Q&A

Clarifying questions regarding the purpose, procedures, and eligibility requirements for this newly established Awards Program can addressed to Responses will be publicly posted (anonymously) below to ensure all nominators receive consistent guidance.

Is there a word limit for "Description of contributions"?
Please keep this description to around 500 words.

Should only one nomination be made per nominee, or can multiple people nominate a single person?
A nominee may receive multiple nominations. Each should be independent of the others and not coordinated.

For the purposes of this award program, US CLIVAR is extending its standard definition of an early career scientist: a scientist within seven years of obtaining their PhD or equivalent degree. " Does that mean seven years is the limit, or that seven years is the standard definition, and this award extends beyond that?
Seven years beyond most recent academic degree is the maximum limit for scientists to be considered eligible for the award program.