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Drought Working Group

The US CLIVAR Drought Working Group was formed in 2006 and concluded in 2009.


Drought Working Group
Tom Delworth NOAA GFDL
Rong Fu Georgia Institute of Technology
Dave Gutzler (co-chair) University of New Mexico
Wayne Higgins NOAA/CPC
Marty Hoerling NOAA/CDC
Randy Koster NASA/GSFC
Arun Kumar NOAA/CPC
Dennis Lettenmaier University of Washington
Kingtse Mo NOAA CPC
Sumant Nigam University of Maryland
Roger Pulwarty NOAA- NIDIS Director
David Rind NASA - GISS
Siegfried Schubert (co-chair) NASA GSFC
Richard Seager Columbia University/LDEO
Mingfang Ting Columbia University/LDEO
Ning Zeng University of Maryland
Bradfield Lyon International Research Institute for Climate
Victor O. Magana Mexico
Tim Palmer ECMWF
Ronald Stewart Canada
Josef Syktus Australia
Jose Marengo CPTEC/INPE
Jean-Philippe Boulanger University of Buenos Aires
Hugo Berbery University of Maryland


Terms of Reference

  • Propose a working definition of drought and related model predictions of drought;
  • Coordinate evaluations of existing relevant model simulations;
  • Suggest new experiments (coupled and uncoupled) designed to address some of the outstanding uncertainties mentioned above;
  • Coordinate and encourage the analysis of observational data sets to reveal antecedent linkages of multi-year drought; and
  • Organize a community workshop to present and discuss the results.