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MJO Working Group

The US CLIVAR MJO Working Group was formed in June 2006. MJO Simulation Diagnostics (developed by the working group) hold promise in guiding future model testing and improvement as well as increased sub-seasonal forecast skill. The Working Group has now reformulated as a WCRP/WWRP-THORPEX YOTC Task Force. They concluded their activities in 2010.


MJO Working Group
Bill Stern NOAA GFDL
Eric Maloney Oregon State University
Mitch Moncrief NCAR
Siegfried Schubert NASA GSFC
Ken Sperber (co-chair) Lawrence Livermore
Bin Wang Univ. of Hawaii
Wanqui Wang NOAA NCEP
Klaus Weickmann NOAA CDC
Duane Waliser (co-chair) JPL/Cal Tech
Chidong Zhang University of Miami RSMAS
John Gottschalck NOAA NCEP
Harry Hendon BMRC
Wayne Higgins NOAA NCEP
DaehyunKim/In-Sik Kang Seoul National University
Kathy Pegion COLA
Nick Savage UK Met Office
Augustin Vintzileos NOAA NCEP
Frederick Vitart ECMWF
Matt Wheeler BMRC
Steve Woolnough University of Reading


Terms of Reference

  • Develop a set of diagnostics to be used for assessing MJO simulation fidelity and forecast skill.
  • Develop and coordinate model simulation and prediction experiments, in conjunction with model-data comparisons, which are designed to better understand the MJO and improve our model representations and forecasts of the MJO.
  • Raise awareness of the potential utility of subseasonal and MJO forecasts in the context of the seamless suite of predictions.
  • Help to coordinate MJO-related activities between national and international agencies and associated programmatic activities.
  • Provide guidance to US CLIVAR and Interagency Group (IAG) on where additional modeling, analysis or observational resources are needed.

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