Ocean Uncertainty Quantification Working Group

The US CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Uncertainty Quantification was formed in April 2020. The Working Group aims to develop strategies and identify best practices for improving the understanding, derivation, communication, and utilization of the uncertainties of ocean in-situ, remote, and modeled products related to physical variables.

The Working Group will work torward three consecutive objectives:

  1. Develop a community-driven web platform for uncertainty quantification knowledge and strategies.
  2. Produce peer-reviewed open-access articles on uncertainty quantification for observational and model ocean data.
  3. Organize a summer school and/or workshop on uncertainty quantification.


Ocean Uncertainty Quantification Working Group
Kyla Drushka (co-chair) University of Washington
Shane Elipot (co-chair) University of Miami
Aneesh Subramanian (co-chair) University of Colorado
Amy Braverman NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mark Bushnell US IOOS (consultant)
Carol Anne Clayson Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Sergey Frolov University of Colorado/CIRES and NOAA ESRL
Chelle Gentemann Farallon Institute
Donata Giglio University of Colorado
Patrick Heimbach University of Texas at Austin
Mikael Kuusela Carnegie Mellon University
David Moroni NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wendy Parker Virginia Tech
Alek Petty NASA Goddard and University of Maryland
Roberto Sabia Telespazio-Vega UK Ltd. for ESA, Italy
Adam Sykulski Lancaster University, UK