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Ocean Carbon Uptake Working Group

The US CLIVAR/OCB Ocean Carbon Uptake Working Group formed in 2012 in order to identify common metrics of physical ocean/climate forcing (primarily wind strength, mixed-layer stratification, and ocean mixing), compare metrics in the various models and in the observations for the North Atlantic and the Tropical Pacific, and coordinate model evaluation of the climatic influence on CO2 uptake at different time scales. The WG concluded their activities in 2015.

Ocean Carbon WG scientific objectives

  • Foster and promote collaboration between members of the US CLIVAR and OCB communities and between modelers and theoreticians within each community.
  • Advance our understanding of the processes responsible for the oceanic carbon uptake and their representation in climate models.


Ocean Carbon Uptake Working Group
Annalisa Bracco, co-chair Georgia Tech University
Curtis Deutsch, co-chair University of California, Los Angeles
Taka Ito, co-chair Georgia Tech University
Scott Doney Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
John Dunne NOAA/GFDL
Markus Jochum University of Copenhagen
Matthew Long NCAR
Nicole Lovenduski University of Colorado
Damon Matthews Concordia University, Canada
Galen McKinley University of Wisconsin
Ralph Milliff Colorado Research Associates
Jaime Palter McGill University, Canada
Shang-Ping Xie University of California, San Diego/SIO