US Climate Variability and Predictability Program

Southern Ocean Working Group

The US CLIVAR/OCB Southern Ocean Working Group was formed in 2012 to identify critical observational targets and develop data/model metrics based on the currently available observational data, both physical and tracer, and the assimilative modeling (re)analyses, and evaluate and develop our understanding of the importance of mesoscale eddies in the heat and carbon uptake and of the response of the Southern Ocean to a changing climate, using high-resolution numerical studies and theory. The WG concluded their activities in 2015.

Main objectives of the working group

  • Improve understanding of the role of mesoscale eddies in the heat and carbon uptake by the Southern Ocean.
  • Improve understanding of how the Southern Ocean stratification, circulation and heat and carbon uptake will respond to a changing climate.


Southern Ocean Working Group
Igor Kamenkovich, co-chair University of Miami
Joellen Russell, co-chair University of Arizona
Cecilia Bitz University of Washington
Raffaele Ferrari Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Gille University of California, San Diego/SIO
Bob Hallberg NOAA/GFDL
Ken Johnson Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Irina Marinov University of Pennsylvania
Matt Mazloff University of California, San Diego/SIO
Jorge Sarmiento Princeton University
Kevin Speer Florida State University
Lynne Talley University of California, San Diego/SIO
Rik Wanninkhof NOAA/AOML