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Water Isotopes Working Group

The US CLIVAR Working Group on Observations and Modeling of Water Isotopes in the Climate System was formed in April 2018. The intent of the working group is to characterize and utilize water isotope ratios as a climate variable. Through a combination of modern observations, past climate records, and model simulations, water isotopes hold vast potential to advance our understanding of the global hydrological cycle and how it will respond to anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

Main objectives of the working group

  1. Compile and distill the latest scientific findings from the water isotope research community
  2. Assess near-term opportunities for water isotope related research to accelerate our understanding of climate variability
  3. Identify high-priority research goals for water isotopes in atmosphere and ocean models
  4. Identify a set of high-priority scientific targets for the next generation water isotope observational systems and model simulations;
  5. Design an integrated scientific plan for water isotope observations and modeling designed to make progress towards key targets identified in objective 4
  6. Identify designs for a novel isotope data archive to meet the needs of diverse user groups


Water Isotopes Working Group
Kim Cobb (co-chair) Georgia Tech
David Noone (co-chair) University of Auckland, New Zealand
Adriana Raudzens Bailey (co-chair) NCAR
Nerilie Abram Australian National U.
Alyssa Atwood Florida State U.
Gabe Bowen U. Utah
Natalie Burls George Mason U.
Jessica Conroy U. Illinois
Bronwen Konecky Washington U., St. Louis
Naoyuki Kurita Nagoya U., Japan
Sylvia Dee Rice University
Allegra LeGrande NASA Goddard
Valerie Masson-Delmotte LSCE, France
Jesse Nusbaumer NCAR
Camille Risi LMD, France
Ricardo Sànchez-Murillo U. Nacional, Costa Rica
Samantha Stevenson U. California, Santa Barbara
Martin Werner AWI, Germany
Kei Yoshimura U. Tokyo, Japan