US CLIVAR 20th Anniversary

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For the past 20 years, US CLIVAR has addressed some of the most pressing research questions to observe, theorize, analyze, model, experiment, and synthesize our understanding of the climate system, particularly the great uncertainties related to the role of the ocean. Collaboration has been essential to making this progress happen. So throughout 2018, the US CLIVAR Project Office, in collaboration with the program's implementation bodies, funding agencies, and partners, will host events to bring together the community to celebrate the achievements over the years and build momentum for the future. 

Town hall at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

CLIVAR’s Course: Accomplishments and Future Science Priorities 

Thursday, February 15
12:45 - 1:45 PM
Oregon Convention Center, D135-D136

The town hall will feature International and US CLIVAR leadership to showcase accomplishments and progress, while identifying current and future research challenges. 

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Evening event at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

On Thursday evening, February 15, join the US CLIVAR community for an evening reception with food, drinks, and music to celebrate the program and to mingle with old and new friends. 

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