US Climate Variability and Predictability Program

Past Events Calendar

Event Date Location

Workshop on Observing, Modeling, and Understanding the Circulation of the Arctic Ocean and Sub-Arctic Seas

- Seattle, WA

Whither the Gulf Stream Workshop: Present Understanding and Future Opportunities for Elucidating the Role of the Gulf Stream in Weather and Climate

- Woods Hole, MA and Virtual

Ocean Salinity Conference

- New York City, NY

Workshop on Future US Earth System Reanalysis

- Boulder, CO and Virtual

Workshop on the Pattern Effect: Coupling of SST patterns, radiative feedbacks, and climate sensitivity

- Boulder, CO and Virtual

US AMOC Science Team Meeting

- Woods Hole, MA

Workshop on Daily to Decadal Ecological Forecasting along North American Coastlines

- Woods Hole, MA and Virtual

Workshop on Societally-Relevant Multi-Year Climate Predictions

- Boulder, CO and Virtual


- Washington, DC

Ocean Sciences Meeting

- Virtual

AMS Annual Meeting

- Virtual

AGU Fall Meeting

- New Orleans, LA and Virtual

Arctic Circulation Workshop

- Seattle, WA

Virtual Workshop on the New Global Ocean Biogeochemistry (GO-BGC) Array

- Virtual Meeting

Workshop on Tropical Pacific Observing Needs

- Virtual Meeting

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society

- Hongcheon, South Korea

JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

- Chiba, Japan

EGU General Assembly 2020

- Vienna, Austria

US CLIVAR SSC Meeting (by invitation)

- Washington, DC

Surface Currents in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System Workshop

- La Jolla, CA


San Diego, CA

AMOC Town Hall

San Diego, CA

Air-Sea Working Group Meeting (by invitation)

San Diego, CA

AMOC TT5 Meeting (by invitation)

San Diego, CA

CLIVAR Town Hall

San Diego, CA

2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting

- San Diego, CA

CLIVAR SSG Meeting (by invitation)

- San Diego, CA

2020 AMS Annual Meeting

- Boston, MA

2019 AGU Fall Meeting

- San Francisco, CA

CMIP6 Hackathon

- Boulder, CO and Palisades, NY

Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop

- Boulder, CO


- Honolulu, HI

AMOC Metrics: Coordinating Observations and Models

- Honolulu, HI

2019 US CLIVAR Summit

- Long Beach, CA

The Large Ensembles Workshop

- Boulder, CO

13th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Science (ISAES 2019) 

- Incheon, Republic of Korea

ICTP-CLIVAR Summer School on  Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems: Assessing and understanding their changes and predicting their future

- Trieste, Italy

IMBeR Future Oceans2 Open Science Conference

- Brest, France

ICESAT-2 Hackweek 2019

- Seattle, WA

ECCO Summer School 2019

- Friday Harbor, WA

Atmospheric Convection and Air-Sea Interactions over the Tropical Oceans

- Boulder, CO

Sea Level Hotspots from Florida to Maine

- Norfolk, VA

EGU General Assembly 2019

- Vienna, Austria

Workshop on Predictability, dynamics and applications research using the TIGGE and S2S ensembles

- Reading, UK

Ocean Visions 2019

- Atlanta, Georgia

CMIP6 Model Analysis Workshop

- Barcelona, Spain

Sources and Sinks of Ocean Mesoscale Eddy Energy

- Tallahassee, FL

Forum on Scenarios for Climate and Societal Futures

- Denver, CO

Women in Mathematics and Public Policy

- Los Angeles, CA

 YOPP Arctic Science Workshop

- Helsinki, Finland

Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in Earth System Model projections

- Leeds, UK

AMS Annual Meeting

- Phoenix, Arizona

2018 AGU Fall Meeting

- Washington, DC

Workshop on Greenland Freshwater Fluxes

Washington, DC

The Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Its Implications

- Toulouse, France

2018 Ocean Salinity Science Conference

- Paris, France


- Jegu, The Republic of Korea

NOAA’s 43rd Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop

- Santa Barbara, CA


- Marseille, France

6th Argo Science Workshop

- Tokyo, Japan

IV International Conference on El Niño Southern Oscillation

- Guayaquil, Ecuador

8th International Workshop on Climate Informatics

- Boulder, CO

International Workshops on Subseasonal to Decadal Prediction

- Boulder, CO

OOI Deep Ocean Observing Workshop

- Seattle, WA

2018 CESM Polar Modeling Workshop

- Boulder, CO

2018 CESM Tutorial

- Boulder, CO

2018 Climate and Weather Extremes Tutorial

- Boulder, CO

OCB Biogeochemical Profiling Float Workshop

- Seattle, Washington

4th GEO Blue Planet Symposium

- Toulouse, France

CORDEX Central America and South America Training Workshop on Downscaling Techniques

- La Paz, Bolivia

Arctic Observing Summit 2018

- Davos, Switzerland


- Davos, Switzerland

Ice Sheet System Model Sea Level Workshop

- Honolulu, HI

4th International Symposium on The Effects of Climate Change on The World's Oceans

- Washington, DC

Ocean Mixing Gordon Research Conference

- Andover, NH

15th Annual Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Meeting

- Honolulu, HI

3rd Open Science Symposium on Western Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate

- Qingdao, China

8th GEWEX Science Conference: Extremes and Water on the Edge

- Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Workshop on Knowledge Gaps of Cryospheric Extremes

- Helsinki, Finland

EGU General Assembly 2018

- Vienna, Austria

2nd Pan-GASS Meeting Understanding and Modelling Atmospheric Processes

- Victoria, Austrailia

2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

- Portland, Oregon

AMS Annual Meeting

- Austin, Texas

2017 AGU Fall Meeting

- New Orleans, LA

International Workshop on Tropical-Subtropical Weather, Climate, and Oceans

- Guangzhou, China

Sixth International Workshop on Monsoons

- Singapore


- Fortaleza, Ceara-Brazil

8th International Workshop on Sea Ice Modelling, Data Assimilation and Verification

- Bergen, Norway

NOAA's 42nd Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

- Norman, Oklahoma

GODAE OceanView Summer School

- Mallorca, Spain

Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference

- South Lake Tahoe, California

NMME/SubX Science Meeting

- College Park, Maryland

Indian Ocean Science Workshop

- La Jolla, California

NSF Greenland Ice Sheet Stability Workshop

- Buffalo, New York

2017 Joint IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA Assembly

- Cape Town, South Africa

10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference

- Interlaken, Switzerland

Data Science Training for Arctic Research

- Santa Barbara, California

 STATMOS/SAMSI Workshop on Climate Statistics

- Boulder, Colorado

Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts

- Columbia University, NY

12th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate

- Boulder, Colorado

5th WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models

- Montreal, Canada

3rd Blue Planet Symposium

- College Park, Maryland

Global Ocean Salinity and the Water Cycle Workshop

- Woods Hole, MA

JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017

- Chiba, Japan

Frontiers in ocean-atmosphere exchange: Air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy

- Corsica, France

Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop 2017

- Anchorage, Alaska

European Geosciences Union

- Vienna, Austria

13th Annual Polar Technology Conference

- Denver, Colorado

Arctic Science Summit Week 2017

- Prague, Czech Republic

2017 North American Carbon Program/Ameriflux PI Meeting

- Bethesda, Maryland

Understanding Polar Ecosystem Change Through Time Series Observations, Technological Advances, and Biophysical Coupled Modeling

- Ventura, CA

47th International Arctic Workshop

- Buffalo, New York

North-American  CryoSat Science Meeting and Geodetic Missions Workshop

- Banff, Alberta, Canada

ASLO 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

- Honolulu, Hawai'i

Fourth Santa Fe Conference on Global & Regional Climate Change

- Sante Fe, New Mexico

AMS 97th Annual Meeting

- Seattle, Washington

AGU Chapman Conference on Extreme Climate Event Impacts on Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycles and Fluxes

- San Juan, Puerto Rico

12th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate

Boulder, Colorado

AGU Fall Meeting

- San Francisco, California

S2S Extremes Workshop

- Columbia University, NY

PREFACE-PIRATA-CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Variability Conference

- Paris, France

Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference 2016

- Ceará - Brazil

AtlantOS Workshop

- Gran Canaria, Spain

Model Hierarchies Workshop

- Princeton, New Jersey

International Workshop on Coupled Data Assimilation

- Toulouse, France

NOAA's 41st Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

- Orono, Maine

Physics Dynamics Coupling in Weather and Climate Models 2016

- Richland, Washington

CLIVAR Open Science Conference

- Qingdao, China

 2nd International Workshop Air-Sea Gas Fluxes: Progress and Future Prospects

- Brest, France

ECSA 56 Coastal systems in transition: From a 'natural' to an 'anthropogenically-modified' state

- Breman, Germany

35th International Geological Congress

- Cape Town, South Africa

SCAR Open Science Conference

- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

AMS Joint 21st Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography and Climatology Conference and 20th Conference on Air-Sea Interaction

- Madison, Wisconsin

International Workshop on the Madden-Julian Oscillation

- Chengdu, SiChuan, China

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting

- Beijing, China

International Symposium on Interactions of Ice Sheets and Glaciers with the Ocean

- La Jolla, California

2nd Annual AtlantOS Meeting

- Kiel, Germany

Polar Weather and Climate Week 2016

- Columbus, Ohio

50th Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress & Canadian Geophysical Union Annual Meeting

- Fredericton, NB, Canada

48th Liege Colloquium on Submesoscale Processes: Mechanisms, Implications and New Frontiers

- Liege, Belgium

International Conference on Regional Climate-CORDEX 2016

- Stockholm, Sweden

Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network Science Workshop

- Hobart, Austrailia

4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World

- Hobart, Austrailia

EGU General Assembly 2016

- Vienna, Austria

High-resolution ocean modelling for coupled seamless predictions Workshop

- Exeter, UK

WWRP/WCRP/Bolin Centre School on Polar Prediction

- Abisko Field Station, Arctic Sweden

Arctic Observing Summit 2016

- Fairbanks, Alaska

2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

- New Orleans, LA

Advancing X-cutting Ideas for Computational Climate Science Workshop

- Rockville, Maryland


- Zurich, Switzerland

AMS 96th Annual Meeting

- New Orleans, LA

AGU Fall Meeting 2015

- San Francisco, CA

International Symposium on the Indian Ocean

- Goa, India

Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting

- Seattle, Washington

Workshop on Past and Future Climate Shifts

- Trieste, Italy

CLIVAR-ICTP International Workshop on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenge and Opportunity

- Trieste, Italy

Sustainable Ocean Summit 2015

- Singapore

2nd Open Science Symposium on Western Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate

- Busan, Korea

NOAA's 40th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

- Denver, CO

Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 2015

- Rome, Italy

Open Science Conference on Salinity and Freshwater Changes in the Ocean

- Hamburg, Germany

1st Ocean2k Workshop

- Barcelona, Spain

11th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography

- Santiago, Chile

Workshop on energy flow through the climate system

- Exeter, UK

The 5th International Workshop on Climate Informatics

- Boulder, CO

SOOS/WCRP/ESA workshop on Southern Ocean air-sea fluxes

- Frascati, Italy

Monsoons & ITCZ: The annual cycle in the Holocene and the future

- Columbia University, New York

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015

- Kiel, Germany

SPARCH Workshop on Storm Tracks

- Grindelwald, Switzerland

The Width of the Tropics: Climate Variations and Their Impacts

- Santa Fe, NM

PALSEA2 2015 Meeting: Data-Model Integration and Comparison

- Nagoya, Japan

US AMOC/UK RAPID 2015 International Science Meeting

- Bristol, UK

4th CLIVAR Workshop on the Evaluation of ENSO in Climate Models: ENSO in a changing climate

- Paris, France

Our Common Future Under Climate Change

- Paris, France

Making sense of the multi-model decadal prediction experiments from CMIP5


Atlantic Meridional Transect Open Science Conference

- Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Improving Our Fundamental Understanding of the Role of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in the Climate System

- Irvine, CA

26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

- Prague, Czech Republic

WWRP/WCRP Workshop on Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictability of Monsoons

- Jeju, Republic of Korea

20th Annual CESM Workshop

- Breckenridge, CO

1st WCRP Summer School on 
Climate Model Development: Atmospheric Moist Processes

- Hamburg, Germany

Workshop on Implementing a Southern Ocean Observing System

- Hobart, Austrailia

5th International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change

- Crete, Greece

Climate and Human Security – Geospatial Data and Mapping Symposium

- Boulder, CO

49th CMOS Congress & 13th AMS Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography

- Whistler, British Columbia

High-Resolution Proxies of Paleoclimate

- University of Wisconsin-Madison

7th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces

- Seattle, WA

45th International Arctic Workshop

- Bergen, Norway

2015 Joint Assembly (AGU/CGU/GAC/MAC)

- Montreal, Canada

Arctic Science Summit Week 2015

- Toyama, Japan

GAIC 2015: Sustained Ocean Observing for the Next Decade

Galway, Ireland

California Drought: Causes, Impacts, and Policy

- Irvine, CA

EGU General Assembly 2015

- Vienna, Austria

Large scale climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean over decades to centuries, and links to extra-polar climate

- San Diego, CA

Third International Symposium: Effects of Climate Change on World's Oceans

- Santos City, Brazil

2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

- Granada, Spain

ENSO Extremes and Diversity: Dynamics, Teleconnection, and Impacts Workshop

- Sydney, Austrailia

96th AMS Annual Meeting

- New Orleans, LA

AMS 95th Annual Meeting

- Phoenix, AZ

AGU 2014 Fall Meeting

- San Francisco, CA

Ocean's Carbon and Heat Uptake: Uncertainties and Metrics Workshop

- Park 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

An International Global Drought Information System Workshop: Next Steps

- Pasadenca, CA

SAMOC V Meeting

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Sea Surface Temperature Science Team Meeting

- Annapolis, MD

CIFFEN III International Conference on ENSO "Bridging the gaps between Global ENSO Science and regional processes, extremes and impacts"

- Guayaquil, Ecuador

The 4th XBT Workshop: XBT Science and the Way Forward

- Beijing, China

Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC)

- Bali, Indonesia

Unión Geofísica Mexicana

- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART) Science Workshop

- Brest, France

Past as Prologue: Holocene Climate as Context for Future Climate Change

- Portland, OR

The Climate Symposium 2014 

- Darmstadt, Germany

NSF Grants Conference 2014

- George Washington Univeristy

NOAA Virtual Workshop Bias Corrections in Subseasonal to Interannual Predictions

- Online

US AMOC 2014 Science Team Meeting

- Deca Hotel, Seattle, WA

WEBINAR: World Ocean Assessment


WCRP-ICTP Summer School on Attribution and Prediction of Extreme Events

- Trieste, Italy

3rd Pan-GEWEX Meeting

- The Hague, The Netherlands

1st Pan-CLIVAR Meeting

- The Hague, The Netherlands

7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Energy and Water Cycle

- The Hague, The Netherlands

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2014

- Quebec City, Canada

US CLIVAR 2014 Summit

- Warwick Hotel, Denver, CO

GEWEX Summer Sessions for Early Career Scientists and Graduate Students

- Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

35th Session of the WCRP JSC

- Heidelberg, Germany

Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) Open Science Conference

- Bergen, Norway

IQuOD (International Quality controlled Ocean Database)

- Silver Spring/Washington DC, USA

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014

- Vienna, Austria

12th CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Model Development (WGOMD) Meeting

- Kiel, Germany

WGOMD Workshop on High Resolution Ocean Modeling

- Kiel, Germany

WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX Second Workshop on Latin-America and Caribbean - CORDEX LAC II

- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

31st AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

- San Diego, CA

WCRP Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean: Developing, linking and applying climate knowledge

- Montevideo, Uruguay

IGS International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Climate

- Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart, Australia

2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting

- Honolulu, Hawaii

WWRP/THORPEX - WCRP International Conference on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction

- NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, College Park, MD

94th AMS Annual Meeting “Extreme Weather—Climate and the Built Environment:  New Perspectives Opportunities, and Tools”

- Atlanta, GA

Short Course on Statistical Analysis of Weather and Climate Extremes at AMS 94th Annual Meeting

Atlanta, GA

SPARC 2014 General Assembly

- Queenstown, New Zealand

AGU 2013 Fall Meeting

- San Francisco, CA

CLIVAR Town Hall at AGU

12:30-1:30 PM, 2005 Moscone West, San Francisco, CA

PMIP Ocean Workshop 2013

- Corvallis, OR

International Conference on Regional Climate - CORDEX 2013, A partnership between WCRP, the European Commission and IPCC

- Brussels, Belgium

GODAE OceanView Symposium 2013 "International Operational Oceanography: 5 years on from GODAE - where are we now?"

- NCWCP/Washington, DC

7th Graduate Climate Conference

- Woods Hole, MA

WMO Fifth International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-V)

- Macao, China

GEWEX Scientific Steering Group (SSG-26)

- NCAR Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

- Denver, CO

WCRP/CLIVAR 13th Session of the Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP13)

- Macao, China

CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Variability (TAV) Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic (PIRATA) Meeting

- Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy

NOAA's 38th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

- College Park, MD

WCRP-ACPC Africa Climate Conference 2013

- Arusha, Tanzania

DISCCRS VIII Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium

- La Foret Conference and Retreat Center (Colorado)

Banff International Research Station Workshop "The role of oceans in climate uncertainty"

- Banff, Alberta, Canada

Modelling Atmospheric and Oceanic Flows:insights from laboratory experiments and numerical simulations

- Berlin, Germany


- San Diego, CA

U.S. Ocean Acidification Principal Investigators' Meeting

- Washington, DC

2013 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference & 19th AMS Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography, and Climatology Conference

- Vienna, Austria

WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX Workshop on Latin-America and Caribbean CORDEX LAC: Phase I - South America

- Lima, Peru

16th Session of the VAMOS panel (VPM16)

- Lima, Peru

2013 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium

- Edinburgh, United Kingdom

11th International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP 11)

- Barcelona, Spain

12th International NCCR Climate Summer School: “From Climate Reconstructions to Climate Predictions”

- Grindelwald, Switzerland

Open Science Conference on Isotopes of Carbon, Water, and Geotracers in Paleoclimate Research

- Bern, Switzerland

Goldschmidt Conference

- Florence, Italy

OMICS Group International Conference on Aquatic & Marine Biology (Oceanography-2013)

- Miami, FL

U. S. CLIVAR Extremes Workshop: Analyses, Dynamics, and Modeling of Large Scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events

- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

2013 Community Earth System Modeling Tutorial

- National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

AMS 15th Conference on Mesoscale Processes

- Portland, OR

2013 ASP Researcher Colloquium "Carbon-Climate Connections in the Earth System"

- Boulder, CO

Second workshop of the PAGES Sea Ice Proxy Working Group - From Proxies Towards Reconstructions

- Cambridge, UK

IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Joint Assembly: Knowledge for the Future

- Gothenburg, Sweden

IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium

- Melbourne, Australia

U.S. AMOC/U.K. RAPID Science Meeting: 'AMOC Variability: Dynamics and Impacts'

- Baltimore, MD

ICCCGW 2013: International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming

- Stockholm, Sweden

8th Session of the CLIVAR Pacific Panel

- Li Jiang, Yun Nan, China

U.S. CLIVAR 2013 Summit

- Annapolis, MD

WCRP/CLIVAR 2nd International Symposium on Boundary Current Dynamics

- Qingdao, China

Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly 2013

- Davos, Switzerland

10th Session of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel

- Li Jiang, Yun Nan, China

Gordon Research Conference on Radiation & Climate

- New London, NH

International Conference on Energy & Meteorology: Weather & Climate for the Energy Industry

- Toulouse, France

The 12th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology

- Jeju, Korea

Second China-U.S. Symposium on Meteorology: Severe Weather and Regional Climate Variability and Predictability

- Huanghai Hotel, Qingdao, China

AGU Science Policy Conference: Preparing for Our Future

- Washington, DC

IMBER Open Science Conference "Future Oceans"

- Bergen, Norway

AMS 19th Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics

- Newport, RI

4th International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change

- Kos, Greece

CLIVAR/GSOP Global Ocean Sub-Surface Climate Data

- Hobart, Australia

OCEANS'13 MTS/IEEE Conference

- Bergen, Norway

AGU Chapman Conference: Communicating Climate Science: A Historic Look to the Future

- Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado

1st International Workshop on Econometric Applications in Climatology

- University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Workshop

- Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ

U.S. CLIVAR International Workshop - Understanding the Response of Greenland's Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcing

- Beverly, MA

9th Annual Carbon Dioxide Conference

- Beijing, China

PASI Short Course on Atmospheric Processes in Latin America/Caribbean

- Cartagena, Colombia

34th Session of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee

- Brasilia, Brazil

2013 AGU Meeting of the Americas

- Cancun, Mexico

WCRP Seasonal to Decadal Prediction Workshop

- Toulouse, France

20th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group

- Kiel, Germany

Ocean Gateways: Significance for Ocean Circulation and Terrestrial Climates

- Jerusalem, Israel

Water Cycle Missions for the Next Decade Workshop

- Baltimore-Washington International Airport Embassy Suites

AMS 12th Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography


- Seattle, WA

11th Annual CPASW Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop

- Logan, UT

WCRP GEWEX International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project at 30

- New York, NY

SPARC DynVar & SNAP Workshop

- Reading, UK

GODAE OceanView-GSOP-CLIVAR Workshop on Observing System Evaluation and Coupled Data Assimilation

- Hobart, Australia

JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models

- Exeter, UK

Penrose/Chapman Conference "Coastal Processes and Environments Under Sea-Level Rise and Changing Climate: Science to Inform Management"

- Galveston, TX

NOAA 2013 Satellite Conference for Direct Readout, GOES/POES, AND GOES-R/JPSS Users

- NOAA/NCWCP, College Park, MD

AMS Washington Forum “The Value and Sustainability of the Weather, Water and Climate Enterprise”

- Washington, DC

GODAE OceanView & WGNE Joint Workshop on Short- to Medium-range Coupled Prediction for the Atmosphere-Wave-Sea-Ice-Ocean: Status, needs and challenges

- Washington, DC

European Climate Change Adaptation Conference

- Hamburg, Germany

WCRP Special Workshop on Climatic Effects of Ozone Depletion in the Southern Hemisphere: Assessing the Evidence and Identifying Gaps in the Current Knowledge

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

8th Session of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel

- Hobart, Australia

11th Session of CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Model Development

- Hobart, Australia

WGOMD Workshop on Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice-Shelf Interaction, and Ice Sheets

- Hobart, Australia

ASLO 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

- New Orleans, LA

AAAS Annual Meeting

- Boston, MA

4th PAGES Open Science Meeting - The Past: A Compass for Future Earth

- Goa, India

U.S. CLIVAR ENSO Diversity Workshop

- UCAR, Boulder, CO

Dialogue Between Contourite & Oceanography Processes, International Workshop

- Hull, UK

Third Workshop on the Evalution of ENSO Processes in Climate Models

- Hobart, Australia

2013 U.S. CLIVAR SSC In-Person Meeting

- Silver Spring, MD

2013 Winter ESIP Federation Meeting

- Washington, DC

93rd AMS Annual Meeting: Taking Predictions to the Next Level: Expanding Beyond Today's Weather, Water, and Climate Forecasting and Projections.

- Austin, TX

U.S. CLIVAR Town Hall at AGU Fall 2012 Meeting

San Francisco, CA

AGU Fall Meeting

- San Francisco, California

6th Meeting of the Global Synthesis and Observations Panel

- Woods Hole, MA

CLIVAR/GSOP Ocean Synthesis and Air-Sea Flux Evaluation Workshop

- Woods Hole, MA

WCRP/SPARC Workshop on Southern Hemisphere and South America

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

WCRP/CLiC EGU ESA ESRIN Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference

- Frascati, Italy

Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Summit 2012

- Herndon, VA

Workshop on Variability in the Western Tropical Pacific: Mechanisms, Teleconnections and Impacts on Sub-Seasonal, Inter-Annual and Inter-Decadal Time Scales

- Trieste, Italy

PORSEC-2012: Ocean Remote Sensing for Well-being of All

- Kochi, Kerala, India

2nd PAGES SynTraCE-21 Workshop

- Providence, RI

NOAA's 37th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

- Fort Collins, Colorado

Open Science Symposium on Western Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate

- Qingdao, China


- Sydney, Australia

9th Meeting of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel

- Cape Town, South Africa

AGU Chapman Conference on The Agulhas System and its Role in Changing Ocean Circulation, Climate, and Marine Ecosystems

- Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

4th Argo Science Workshop

- Venice, Italy

International Conference on North Atlantic Climate Variability

- Hamburg, Germany

20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium

- Venice, Italy

16th Session of the CLIVAR Working Group on Coupled Modeling

- Hamburg, Germany

15th Session of the CLIVAR Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction

- Hamburg, Germany

Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World

- Monterey, CA

NTU International Science Conference on Climate Change: Multidecadal and Beyond

- National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

ICES Annual Science Conference 2012

- Bergen, Norway

3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling

- Hamburg, Germany

WCRP 12th Annual Meeting of the Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP12)

- Nanjing, China

12th Session of the Atlantic Implementation Panel

- Kiel, Germany

WCRP International Workshop on Interdecadal Variability of the Global Monsoons

- Nanjing, China

Tropical Atlantic Variability Meeting/PIRATA-17 Meeting

- Kiel, Germany

Five Controversies in Climate Science: A symposium celebrating the contributions of S. George Philander

- Princeton, New Jersey

CLIVAR/WCRP Workshop on Decadal and Multi-decadal Variability in Pacific and Indian Ocean


- Qingdao, China

2012 US AMOC PI Meeting

- NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus, Boulder, Colorado

AOGS – AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly

- Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

AMS 18th Conference on Air-Sea Interaction

- Boston, MA

“Using Satellite Observations to Advance Climate Models” Summer School

- Pasadena, CA

Dynamics and Predictability of High-Impact Weather and Climate Events Workshop

- Kunming, China

2012 US CLIVAR Summit

- Newport Beach, California

WCRP JSC-33: Joint Scientific Committee Thirty-Third Session

- Beijing, China

4th AMMA International Conference

- Toulouse, France

Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities (LAOF) Workshop: Meeting the Challenges of Climate System Science

- Boulder, Colorado

19th CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group Meeting

- La Paz, Mexico

CLIVAR VAMOS Workshop on Modeling and Predicting Climate in the Americas

- Petropolis, Brazil

2012 NCAR ASP Summer Colloquium—The Weather-Climate Connection: Advances & Challenges

- Boulder, Colorado

WCRP/IOC/ICES/PICES Second International Symposium: Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans

- Yeosu, Korea

UC Davis Workshop: Climate Change and California's Water Supply

UC, Davis, California