2017 US CLIVAR Summit

Inner Harbor Baltimore

Image credit: Baltimore Inner Harbor, Flickr CC

2017 US CLIVAR Summit
August 8-10, 2017
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court
Baltimore, Maryland

About the Summit

The 2017 US CLIVAR Summit will bring together the members of the Scientific Steering Committee and its three implementation Panels, agency managers, and invited speakers to review progress, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to advance US CLIVAR goals under the direction of the Science Plan.

The 2017 meeting will have two special sessions. One session will be on ocean/sea-ice interactions, including both Arctic and Antarctic simulations and observations. The second session will be on teleconnections of modes of climate variability, including those emanating from the tropics, mid-latitudes, and high-latitudes.

Leading up to the Summit, a webinar series will be hosted to feature updates from the US CLIVAR working groups and the AMOC science team. Panel members, SSC, and agency managers are encouraged to attend.