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Eastern Tropical Oceans Synthesis Working Group

The US CLIVAR Eastern Tropical Oceans Synthesis (ETOS) Working Group (WG) was formed in 2012 and concluded in 2015.

Scientific objectives include

  • Promote collaboration between observationalists and modelers, and atmospheric scientists and oceanographers, active in the southeast oceanic basins.
  • Coordinate a model assessment of surface flux errors for the equatorial Atlantic, mining all available observations.
  • Identify recent model improvements and common and persistent model errors both, CMIP5 and higher-resolution coupled models.
  • Provide recommendations of cases for community simulation and evaluation using eddy-permitting ocean models, sharing specified model conditions and output datasets.

The WG is identifying and assembling satellite, buoy and research cruise datasets and assembling plots of readily available CMIP3 and CMIP5 simulations for annual and seasonal-mean values of SST, cloud cover, surface winds, thermocline depth for a climatological time period beginning ~1950 or 1980 up to 2012.


ETOS Working Group
Simon de Szoeke, co-chair Oregon State University
Roberto Mechoso, co-chair UCLA
Rob Wood, co-chair University of Washington
Paquita Zuidema, co-chair University of Miami
Michela Biasutti Columbia University/LDEO
Peter Brandt GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany
Ping Chang Texas A&M University
Amy Clement University of Miami
Takeshi Doi JAMSTEC
Tom Farrar WHOI
Carmen Grados IMARPE, Peru
Noel Keenlyside University of Bergen
Ben Kirtman University of Miami
Alban Lazar LOCEAN-IPSL, University Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Brian Medeiros NCAR
Pierrick Penven IRD, France
Chris Reason University of Cape Town, South Africa
Ingo Richter JAMSTEC
Mathieu Rouault University of Cape Town, South Africa
Irina Sandu ECMWF
Ed Schneider George Mason University/COLA
Laurent Terray CEFACS, France