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High Latitude Surface Flux Working Group

The US CLIVAR High Latitude Surface Flux Working Group was formed in January 2008, with the particular goal of addressing some of the challenges associated with air-sea and air-ice-ocean exchanges in Arctic, Antarctic, and Southern Ocean regions.  The working group activities are motivated by several identified deficiencies in estimates of high latitude surface fluxes (e.g., sensible and latent heat, radiative fluxes, stress, and gas fluxes). The WG concluded their activities in 2013.


High Latitude Surface Flux Working Group
Mark Bourassa, co-chair Florida State University
Sarah Gille, co-chair Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ed Andreas Northwest Research Associates
Cecilia Bitz University of Washington
David Carlson International Polar Year Program Office
Ivana Cerovecki Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Will Drennen University of Miami
Gudrun Magnusdottir University of California, Irvine
Rachel Pinker University of Maryland
Ian Renfrew University of East Anglia
Mark Serreze University of Colorado
Kevin Speer Florida State University
Lynne Talley Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Terms of Reference

  • Assess status of flux products for momentum and heat in high-latitude regimes, providing an honest assessment of the state of flux products; evaluate commonalities between Arctic and Antarctic. These will be assessed on a variety of spatial/temporal scales that are important to the user community.
  • On the basis of the flux assessment, identify priorities for continued flux observations, parameterizations, and requirements for updated reanalyses and gridded flux products.