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Salinity Working Group Resources

The Salinity Working Group Report, July 2007

  • Special Issue of Oceanography magazine on Salinity, Vol. 21, March 2008
    • Salinity and the Global Water Cycle 
      by R.W. Schmitt
    • Sea Surface Salinity Trends over Fifty Years Within the Subtropical North Atlantic 
      by A.L. Gordon and C.F. Giulivi
    • Evolution of North Atlantic Water Masses Inferred from Labrador Sea Salinity Series 
      by I. Yashayaev and A. Clarke
    • Interannual to Interdecadal Salinity Variations Observed Near Hawaii: Local and Remote Forcing by Surface Freshwater Fluxes 
      by R. Lukas and F. Santiago-Mandujano
    • Salinity in Argo: A Modern View of a Changing Ocean 
      by S.C. Riser, L. Ren, and A. Wong
    • The Aquarius/SAC-D Mission: Designed to Meet the Salinity Remote-Sensing Challenge 
      by G. Lagerloef, F.R. Colomb, D. Le Vine, F. Wentz, S. Yueh, C. Ruf, J. Lilly, J. Gunn, Y. Chao, A. deCharon, G. Feldman, and C. Swift
    • What’s Next for Salinity? 
      by the CLIVAR Salinity Working Group 
  • Hu, Chuanmin, E.T. Montgomery, R.W. Schmitt, and F.E. Muller-Karger, 2004. The dispeFrsal of the Amazon and Orinoco River water in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean Sea: Observation from space and S-PALACE floats.Deep-Sea Research II (51), pp. 1151-1171.
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  • Johnson, Gregory, 2005. Generation and Initial Evolution of a Mode Water q-S Anomaly, Journal of Physical Oceanography (submitted). 
  • Freshwater/Salinity related publications by R.W. Schmitt 
  • Freshwater/Salinity related publications by G. Johnson