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Task Team 5: Paleo AMOC

The team is charged with fostering collaborative relationships to facilitate cross-disciplinary learning and understanding among paleo scientists with the modern AMOC community. The team will focus on the variability of AMOC through the last two millennia and on AMOC-related events of the last glacial cycle, a period when the proxy signals are larger and can be resolved with more confidence.

This team was formed based on a recommendation from the workshop on Connecting Paleo & Modern Oceanographic Data to Understand Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over Decades to Centuries. While the AMOC Science Team will be officially wrapping up in December 2020, the work of this team will be essential for future research directions and priorities.


US AMOC Task Team 5 Members
Member name Institution
K. Halimeda Killbourne, co-chair University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences
Alan Wanamaker, co-chair Iowa State University
Daniel Amrhein University of Washington
Esther Brady NCAR
Natalie Burls George Mason University
Alan Condron Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Michael Evans University of Maryland
Jake Gebbie Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Marlos Goes NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Jenna Hill US Geological Survey
Sophia Hines Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Aixue Hu NCAR
Alexandra Jahn University of Colorado Boulder
Malte Jansen University of Chicago
Lloyd Keigwin Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Christopher Little AER, Inc.
Wei Liu University of California, Riverside
David Lund University of Connecticut
Madelyn  Mette US Geological Survey
Carrie Morrill University of Colorado/NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
Bette Otto-Bliesner NCAR
Julie Richey US Geological Survey
Natassa Romanou NASA Goddard/Columbia University
Thomas Rossby University of Rhode Island
Julian Sachs University of Washington
Casey Saenger University of Washington
Matthew Schmidt Old Dominion University
Elisabeth  Sikes Rutgers University
Arthur Spivack University of Rhode Island
Joseph Stoner Oregon State University
Nina Whitney Woods Hole Oceanographic  Institution
Rong Zhang NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Jiaxu Zhang Los Alamos National Laboratory