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U.S. AMOC Executive Committee

The US AMOC Science Team is led by an Executive Committee, charged with:

  • Surveying state of knowledge and setting long-term program objectives;
  • Identifying scientific gaps and research needs to achieve the objectives;
  • Encouraging and coordinating research activities (in the US and whenever possible internationally) to address these needs; and
  • Reporting on the state of the science, program progress, and future priorities

The Executive Committee conducts its work through in-person meetings, teleconferences, and email. It organizes annual Science Team meetings and authors the US AMOC annual report on progress and future directions.

The Executive Committee is comprised of nine members: the Science Team chair and the co-leads of the four Task Teams. The Science Team chair serves a three-year term and is selected by vote of sponsoring agency managers based on nominations submitted by the Executive Committee. Each Task Team is led by a chair and vice-chair, responsible for coordinating telecons and leading breakouts of their members to set and evaluate progress toward goals and priorities, and to identify collaborative activities and action items to be accomplished. The Task Team chair and vice- chair serve one-year terms with the vice-chair assuming the role of chair at rotation. Each fall, the Executive Committee selects by vote new Task Team vice-chairs based on nominations from the Task Team members. Diversity and demonstrated ability to contribute are considered in the selection process. Previous Executive Committee members are permitted to serve again.


US AMOC Executive Committee
Principal Investigator Institution
Gokhan Danabasoglu, chair National Center for Atmospheric Research
Magdalena Andres Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Martha Buckley George Mason University 
Claudia Schmid NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Kathleen Donohue University of Rhode Island
Aixue Hu National Center for Atmospheric Research
K. Halimeda Killbourne University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences
Chris Little Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc.
Michael Spall Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Zoltan Szuts University of Washington
Alan Wanamaker Iowa State University