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Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon-Cycle Workshop Local Information

Boulder, CO

Local Information

There are lots of things to do in Boulder, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy. Please visit the Boulder CVB to see all the options. While there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the Millennium, they do offer complimentary shuttle service if you’d like to venture downtown. Please check with the front desk for instructions on reserving the shuttle. In addition, the front desk will have local maps for your planning purposes.


Boulder is considered the high-desert, with an altitude of 5,400 above sea level.  This elevation ensures a mild climate with very little humidity in the summer. The warmest month is July with an average daytime temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit.  You may need a sweater at night as temperatures can dip into the 40s. Please dress in layers as it can be much cooler in the air-conditioned buildings than it is outside.