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Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon-Cycle Workshop Agenda

Boulder, CO

Meeting Agenda

Hour talks will provide both an overview of the topic and details on the speaker’s research: speakers should aim for ~45 minutes with ~15 minutes of discussion.

40 min talks will be focus on cutting edge research: speakers should aim for ~30 minutes with ~10 minutes of discussion.

We wish to acknowledge the support of our sponsors:

NCAR ASP, U.S. CLIVAR (NASA, NOAA, NSF, DoE), OCB (NSF, NASA), and USGCRP's Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group (CCIWG) - U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program/USDA-NIFA

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19:00 Reception
19:30 Introduction of organizers and objectives of the workshop


8:00 Welcome (Quinn Thomas)
   Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon Cycle: Perspectives across terrestreial and ocean ecosystems
Carbon Cycle Overview
8:15 The state of the carbon cycle in CMIP5 models: Processes, feedbacks, and future research directions
  Jim Randerson, UC Irvine  Talk
09:15 The changing seasonal cycle of atmospheric CO2
  Ning Zeng, Univ. of Maryland  Talk
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Physical and biological controls on the ocean carbon storage
  Taka Ito, Georgia Institute of Technology  Talk
11:45 Effects of nutrient limitation on land carbon uptake and its implications on climate change prediction and mitigation
  Ying Ping Wang, CSIRO  Talk
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Challenges in soil carbon modeling and links to the river carbon cycle
  Phillipe Ciais, IPSL-LSCE  Talk
Nutrient cycling controls and impacts on carbon cycling
14:45 Climate regulation of the oceanic N cycle
  Curtis Deutsch, Univ. of Washington  Talk
15:45 Coffee Break
16:15 Nutrient availability determines forests' carbon sequestration a global synthesis
  Sara Vicca, University of Antwerp  Talk
16:55 Southern Ocean response to climate change in the CMIP5 models
  Anna Cabre, Univ. of Pennsylvania Talk
17:35 Poster Session I:
  • Remineralization and nutrient cycling controls
  • Carbon cycle I – CMIP5 and continental to global carbon flux estimates
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Remineralization pathways and controls
8:00 The fate of particulate organic material in the oceans
  Adrian Burd, Univ. of Georgia  Talk
9:00 Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics:  Effects of Heterotrophic Respiration
  Serita Frey, Univ. of New Hampshire  Talk
10:00  Coffee break
10:30 Dissolved organic matter (DOM) - microbe interactions
  Christian Lønborg, Swansea University Talk
11:10 Towards modeling global soil erosion and its importance for the terrestrial carbon cycle
  Tom Vanwalleghem, Univ. of Cordoba  Talk
11:50 Lunch
Role of individuals in ecosystem dynamics
13:00 Competition, co-existence and diversity in vegetation models
  Rosie Fisher, NCAR  Talk
14:00 Capturing evolution and ecology in a global ocean model
  Tim Lenton, Univ. of Exeter  Talk
15:00 Modeling tropical forest dynamics using an individual-based forest simulator
  Sophie Fauset, Univ. of Leeds   Talk
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 A cellular allocation modeling approach for representing the ecophysiology of marine primary producers
  David Nicholson, WHOI  Talk
16:50 Breakout groups to plan out synthesis paper
  (1 group per paper section, students as note takers)
19:00 Group reception/dinner
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Data to constrain carbon cycle feedbacks: assimilation, metrics, parameter estimation, inverse methods, etc.
8:00 Using data to elucidate feedback mechanisms in the ocean carbon cycle
  Galen McKinley, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison  Talk
9:00 The NASA Carbon Monitoring System
  Kevin Bowman, JPL  Talk
9:40 Strategies for applying individual-based models of forest dynamics at regional to continental scales
  Kiona Ogle, Arizona State Univ.
10:40 Coffee Break 
Role of physical climate variability
11:00 Tree mortality and forest-atmosphere interactions under a warming climate
  Jeff Chambers, LBNL  Talk
12:00 Modeling terrestrial carbon-climate dynamics in the northern high latitudes
  Charles Koven, LBNL  Talk
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Carbon in the Southern Ocean: Known knowns and known unknowns
  Nicole Lovenduski, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder Talk
 14:40 Representation of the Indian Ocean biophysical interannual variability in the CMIP5-ESM models
   Rondrotiana Barimalala, Georgia Institute of Technology
15:20 Coffee Break
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Ecosystem dynamics new horizons
15:40 Role of zooplankton in marine ecosystems and modeling perspectives
  Tom Anderson, University of Southampton Talk
16:40 The role of biotic disturbance agents in carbon-climate connections
  Jeff Hicke, Univ. of Idaho  Talk
17:40 Poster session II:
  • Carbon cycle II — local processes and regional flux estimates
  • New modeling approaches and the use of data to constrain carbon cycle feedbacks


8:30 Breakout groups
10:30 Planning next steps
11:30 Concluding remarks
12:00 End


 Download all poster abstracts or individually by clicking on title

Poster Session I

Wednesday, August 7, 17:35

* denotes ASP Colloquium Student

Remineralization and nutrient cycling controls

Marcia DeLonge, UC Berkeley

Impacts of compost and manure applications on soil C in managed grasslands

Michelle Johnson, University of Leeds

Improving predictions of Amazon forest dynamics with a new phosphorus cycle model

Marguerite Mauritz*, San Diego State University

Invasion of a semi-arid shrubland by annual grasses increases autotrophic and heterotrophic soil respiration rates due to altered soil moisture and temperature patterns.

Levin Nickelsen*, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Iron-light colimitation increases sensitivity of oceanic CO2 drawdown to dust deposition

Darren Pilcher*, University of Wisconsin

Modeled Seasonality of the Biogeochemistry of Pre-Dreissena Mussel Lake Michigan

Katherine Powell*, University of Colorado

Links between soil water availability and soil respiration in semi-arid ecosystems along the Colorado Front Range

Alexis Santos*, University of Wisconsin

Distinguishing Nutrient and Light Drivers of Productivity Trends In the North Atlantic Intergyre Region

Christina Schädel, University of Florida

Circumpolar assessment of permafrost C quality and its vulnerability over time using long-term incubation studies

Elliot Sherman*, UC Irvine

Assessment of iron cycling in the CESM-BEC model using high resolution CLIVAR data

Jennifer Soong*, Colorado State

How do microarthropods impact soil carbon sequestration during litter decomposition in a tallgrass prairie?

Claire Treat*, University of New Hampshire

Controls on soil carbon losses in Alaskan permafrost peatlands

Julie Wolf, University of Maryland

Refining expectations of soil organic carbon storage under future climate change with observational studies

Carbon Cycle I – CMIP5 and continental to global carbon flux estimates

Ana Bastos*, Universidade de Lisboa

The global NPP dependence on ENSO: La-Niña and the extraordinary year of 2011 

Heather Graven, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Large-scale increase in seasonal CO2 exchange by northern terrestrial ecosystems since 1960

ChuanLi Jiang, Earth and Space Research

Drake Passage oceanic pCO2: Evaluating CMIP5 Coupled Carbon/Climate Models using in-situ observations

Mati Kahru, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Improved estimates of primary production in the Arctic Ocean

Emma Littleton*, University of East Anglia

The Carbon Balance of the Terrestrial Biosphere under Climate Change

Joseph Majkut, Princeton University

Historical Changes to Ocean Fluxes of CO2

Juan Muglia*, Oregon State University

Ocean Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum Simulated by PMIP3 Climate Models

Caroline Normile*, Penn State University

Steps Towards a Multi-year Continental Inversion: Comparing Simulated CO2 Mixing Ratios in ABL to the North American Tower Network

Andreas Schmittner, Oregon State University

Millennial variability of ocean circulation and biogeochemical cycles during the last ice age

Lori Sentman, NOAA/GFDL

Reducing Uncertainty in the Global Carbon Cycle from Land Use Application of Earth System Model Initialization

Britton Stephens, NCAR

Strong Observational Constraints on Seasonal Northern Extratropical CO2 Exchange

Shoichi Taguchi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Surface CO2 flux in weekly temporal resolution over the globe inferred from the CONTRAIL dataset

David Turner, Oregon State University

Bottom-up Scaling of Net Ecosystem Exchange over North America and Evaluation with an Atmospheric Inversion Setup

John Worden, JPL and Caltech

CH4 Emissions from Tropical Fires


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Poster Session II

Friday, August 9, 17:40

* denotes ASP Colloquium Student

Carbon Cycle II — local processes and regional flux estimates

Sarah Brody*, Duke University

Changes in dominant mixing length scales drive phytoplankton bloom initiation in the subpolar North Atlantic

Kimberly Carlson, University of Minnesota

Committed carbon emissions from oil palm plantation expansion onto Kalimantan peatlands

Christopher Conrad*, University of Colorado

The Relationship Between Wind Stress and Surface Carbonate Chemistry in the Southern Ocean

Elizabeth Drenkard*, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Observed strengthening of the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent in the SODA record: coupled mechanisms, ocean dynamics, and implications

Maheteme Gebremedhin, SEA/NEON

Carbon Balance of No-Till Soybean with Winter Wheat Cover Crop in the Southeastern United States

Leah Johnson*, University of Washington

The Role of Lateral Processes on Mixed Layer Spring Stratification

Angela Kuhn*, Dalhousie University

Re-thinking spring blooms using optimized NPZD models

Brett Raczka*, Penn State University

Identifying Sources of Uncertainty to Improve the Simulation of Long Term Carbon Sequestration in Northern Wisconsin

Kay Steinkamp, NIWA

Regional footprints and transport regimes for CO2 measurement sites in New Zealand from backward Lagrangian dispersion modeling

Brandon Stephens*, UC San Diego

Production and Accumulation of Organic Carbon in the Southern California Current Region

Yogesh Tiwari, Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology

Carbon Climate Interactions in India

Carl Trettin, US Forest Service

Changes in Carbon Pools 50 Years after Reversion of a Landscape Dominated by Agriculture to Managed Forests in the Southeastern Atlantic Coastal Plain

Fan Zhang*, Georgia Institute of Technology

Changing seasonality of convective events in the Labrador Sea


New modeling approaches and the use of data to constrain carbon cycle feedbacks

Bassil El Masri, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Implementation of Dynamic Leaf Area Index in a Land Surface Model to Improve Water, Energy and Carbon Fluxes

Yuanyuan Fang, Carnegie Institution for Science

Can biospheric models reproduce spatiotemporal variability of CO2 fluxes as observed through atmospheric measurements?

Corinne Hartin, Joint Global Change Research Institute

The Inorganic Carbon Cycle in a Simple Box Model

Tihomir Kostadinov, University of Richmond

Carbon-based phytoplankton functional types via remote retrievals of the particle size distribution

Jaclyn Matthes, Boston University

Improving long-term forecasts of ecosystem-climate dynamics through community-based model-data fusion

Maosheng Zhao, University of Maryland

Linking High Resolution Lidar Data and Ecosystem Model for a Robust Carbon Monitoring System

Caroline Alden*, University of Colorado

Can we use δ13C of CO2 to understand the links between the water and carbon cycles and climate?


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