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2011 US CLIVAR Summit

Woods Hole, MA

Monday July 18, 2011

General overview and suggested outcomes of the joint meeting with OCB on Tuesday (Mike Patterson)


Tuesday July 19, 2011 – Joint session with OCB

OCB and U.S. CLIVAR: Scientific questions and global observing capabilities (Scott Doney, WHOI)

Global modeling challenges (Mick Follows, MIT)

Impacts of overturn on ocean heat and carbon fluxes and ecosystem processes (Alison Macdonald, WHOI)

Southern Ocean challenges: How do climate variability and climate change impact circulation, carbon uptake, and ecosystem processes?  (Nicole Lovenduski, Univ. Colorado)

Coupled air-sea interaction, heat and gas exchange contributing to variability and trends in ocean biogeochemistry (e.g. carbon sources and oxygen minimum zones)  (Curtis Deutsch, UCLA)

Sub-daily to seasonal and sub-mesoscale to mesoscale processes and interaction with ocean biology  (Amala Mahadevan, WHOI)


Wednesday July 20, 2011

Recap from Tuesday’s meeting (Mike Patterson)

Working Group Reports

Decadal Predictability (Arun Kumar)

AMOC (Rong Zhang)

Greenland Ice Sheet (Patrick Heimbach)

Hurricanes WG (Suzana Camargo)

IESA Recap – (Bosilovich)

International CLIVAR (Bob Molinari)

Goals of Summit and Charge to Panels (Mike Patterson)


Thursday July 21, 2011

Panel reporting in plenary




PSMI Panel Presentations

Internal-Wave Mixing CPT: Presentation and Discussion (Simmons)

Sea Ice/Ocean Mixing CPT: Presentation and Discussion (Jin)

Cloud Parameterization and Aerosols CPT: Presentation and Discussion (Wood)

Stratocumulus to Cumulus Transition CPT: Presentation and Discussion (Teixeira)

SABLE Review (Wood)