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2012 U.S. AMOC PI Meeting Poster Abstracts

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Boulder, Colorado

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Abstract Title First Author Co Authors Registrant's Name
Connecting AMOC variability and biological cycling in two Earth System Models
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Gnanadesikan Anand, Hopkins University Rym Msadek, GFDL/NOAA; John Dunne, GFDL/NOAA Msadek, Rym
Causes of interannual‐to‐decadal meridional heat transport variability in the North Atlantic Ocean
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Piecuch, Christopher   Piecuch, Christopher
Paleoclimate evidence for AMOC impact on the carbon cycle Schmittner, Andreas   Schmittner, Andreas
Brazillian SAMOC Project
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Campos, Edmo   Campos, Edmo
Variability of the MOC in the South Atlantic since 1993. Goni, Gustavo J. Shenfu Dong, Corporate Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS), University of Miami; Molly Baringer, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (AOML, NOAA); Silvia Garzoli, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric 11 Administration (AOML, NOAA); Francis Bringas, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administra Goni, Gustavo
Surface Estimates of the Atlantic Overturning in Density Space in an Eddy-Permitting Ocean Model Grist, Jeremy P. Simon A. Josey, NOC; Robert Marsh, University of Southampton Grist, Jeremy
RAPIT: Assessing the uncertainty of AMOC projections using a 10,000 member perturbed physics ensemble
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Jackson, Laura Lesley Allison, University of Reading; Adam Blaker, NOC Southampton; Peter Challenor, NOC Southampton; Michael Golding, Durham University; Danny Williamson, Durham University; team, Oxford University Jackson, Laura
Deep Atlantic equatorial transport resultiing from the initialization of an ocean ensemble assimilation system Karspeck, Alicia Steve Yeager, NCAR; Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR; Tim Hoar, NCAR; Nancy Collins, NCAR; Kevin Raeder, NCAR; Jeff Anderson, NCAR Karspeck, Alicia
The impact of high-frequency, synoptic wind variability on Labrador Sea deep convection and the Atlantic meridonial overturning circulation
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Kim, Who Ping Chang, Texas A&M University Kim, Who
Time-Series of Freshwater Fluz at 26N in the Atlantic Ocean
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McDonagh, Elaine Brian King, NOCS; Harry Bryden, NOCS; Peggy Courtois, NOCS; Stuart Cunnigham, NOCS; Zoltan Szuts, MPI Germany; Chris Atkinson, UK Met Office; Neil Wells, NOCS McDonagh, Elaine
Decadal to multi-decadal AMOC variability in the CMIP5 models Fedorov, Alexey Florian Sevellec, University of Southampton; Les Muir, Yale University Muir, Les
Are SSTs useful for detecting changes to the AMOC?  Roberts, Chris   Roberts, Chris
AMOC associated transports in the subtropical North Atlantic near 26°N from eddy-resolving simulations compared observations
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Xu, Xiaobiao William Schmtiz, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX; Harley Hurburt, NRL/SSC; Patrick Hogan, NRL/SSC Xu, Xiaobiao
Meridional transport in the South Pacific: Assessing ENSO and SAM related variability
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Zilberman, Nathalie Dean Roemmich, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Sarah Gille, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Zilberman, Nathalie
North Atlantic heat transport and AMOC: Latitude dependence of the potential predictability
(For further information contact:
Tiedje, Bente Armin Köhl, Johanna Baehr Baehr, Johanna
An iceberg model to quantify the stability of the Atlantic MOC to freshwater forcing
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Condron, Alan Bradley, Raymond, UMass Amherst Condron, Alan
Role of the Bering Strait on the hysteresis of the ocean conveyor belt circulation and glacial climate stability Hu, Aixue G.A. Meehl, NCAR; W. Han, University of Colorado; A. Timmermann, U. of Hawaii; B. Otto-Bliesner, NCA; Z. liu, U. of Wisconson Hu, Aixue
Tangent Linear and Adjoint Model Development of POP Ocean Model: Application of Automatic Differentiation Kim, Jong   Kim, Jong
Mechanisms of low-frequency SST variations in GFDL CM2.1 – atmospheric forcing and delayed ocean response
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Kushnir, Yochanan Naik, Naomi, LDEO; Ting, Mingfang, LDEO Kushnir, Yochanan
Multi-decadal Variability of AMOC in the Community Climate System Model
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Kwon, Young-Oh Claude Frankignoul, LOCEAN/IPSL, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France Kwon, Young-Oh
Why AMOCs are Too Stable in Current CGCMs? Liu, Zhengyu Liu, Wei,  Brady, Esther Liu, Zhengyu
Frequency-domain analysis of AMOC processes
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MacMartin, Douglas Eli Tziperman, Harvard MacMartin, Douglas
Boundary Current measurements at 34.5S in the South Atlantic: Preliminary results of MOC-related variability 
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Meinen, Christopher S.  Sabrina Speich, Laboratoire de Physique des Oceans, Brest, France; Alberto R. Piola, Servicio de Hidrografía Naval, and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Renellys C. Perez, Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies, University of Miami, Miami, Florida; Shenfu Dong, Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies, University of Miami, Miami, Florida; Silvia L. Garzoli, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, Miami, Florida Meinen, Christopher
Inter-hemispheric comparison of meridional overturning circulation and meridional heat transport using high-resolution coupled climate and ocean-only simulations
(For further information contact:
Perez, Renellys Msadek, Rym, NOAA/GFDL; Dong, Shenfu, University of Miami, RSMAS/CIMAS Perez, Renellys
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in an eddy-resolving ocean reanalysis Richman, James E. Joseph Metzger, NRL, Allan Wallcraft, NRL Richman, James
Earth System Prediction Capability Decadal Variation Demonstration Richman, James   Richman, James
Deep-water formation and Wind-stress Forcing in an Idealized AMOC Model Yang, Jiayan   Yang, Jiayan
AMOC in CMIP5 models: Historical and RCP simulations Cheng, Wei Dongxiao Zhang, JISAO/UW Zhang, Dongxiao
Mechanisms of Seasonal Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Zhao, Jian Bill Johns Zhao, Jian
Comparison of Decadal AMOC Variability Among Climate Models
(Poster PDF)
Klinger, Barry Oluwayemi Garuba, George Mason University Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences, Fairfax, VA Klinger, Barry
Eddy Impacts on the Florida Current Frajka-Williams, Eleanor W. E. Johns, Rosenthiel School of Marine Science, University of Miami, FL; L. M. Beal, Rosenthiel School of Marine Science, University of Miami, FL; C. S. Meinen, Atlantic Oceanographid and Meteorological Laboratory, Miami, FL; S. A. Cunningham, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban, Argyll, Scotland Frajka-Williams, Eleanor
Observed Study of Davis Strait Fluxes and Water Masses Curry, B. C. M. Lee, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; B. Petrie, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Ocean Sciences Division, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; J. Gobat, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA Curry, B.