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2012 U.S. AMOC PI Meeting Agenda

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Boulder, Colorado

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Wednesday (15 August):

08:20    Introduction and logistics (Bill Johns/Gokhan Danabasoglu) (View PowerPoint presentation)


Science session 1: AMOC State, Variability, and Change

08:30    Molly Baringer: Meridional overturning and heat transport from expendable bathythermograph data (View PowerPoint presentation)

08:45    Bill Johns: Interannual variability of the AMOC and ocean heat transport at 26.5oN observed by the RAPID-MOCHA array (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:00    Matthias Lankhorst: Meridional coherence and divergence of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:15    Silvia Garzoli: South Atlantic meridional fluxes (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:30    Kathryn Kelly: The coherence and impact of meridional heat transport anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean inferred from observations (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:45    Peter Rhines: AMOC variability and sea-surface height observations, models, and atmospheric connections (View PowerPoint presentation)

10:00    James Carton: Does the mid-latitude ocean drive polar variability? (View PowerPoint presentation)

10:15    BREAK


Science session 2: AMOC State, Variability, and Change (continued)

10:45    Patrick Heimbach: Two decades of the AMOC: its structure, variability, and predictability (View PowerPoint presentation)

11:00    Gokhan Danabasoglu: AMOC in Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (COREs) (View PowerPoint presentation)

11:15    Jeremy Grist: Surface estimates of the Atlantic overturning in density space in an eddy-permitting ocean model (View PowerPoint presentation)

11:30    Roberts: A multi-model study of the 2009/2010 minimum in AMOC at 26N and sub-tropical Atlantic ocean heat content (View PowerPoint presentation)


AMOC Variability Mechanisms and Predictability

11:45    Paola Cessi: Thermohaline feedbacks and multiple equilibria in the adiabatic regime (View PowerPoint presentation)

12:00    Jiayan Yang: Some effects of topography and wind stress on the Nordic Sea overflow (View PowerPoint presentation)

12:15    Dongxiao Zhang: Connection between salinity decadal variations in the Subpolar North Atlantic and tropical Atlantic AMOC (View PowerPoint presentation)

12:30    LUNCH


Science session 3: AMOC Variability Mechanisms and Predictability (continued)

13:45    Shenfu Dong: Causes for model-data differences in seasonal variations of the South Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:00    Chunzai Wang: Cause of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation: A positive feedback between SST and dust aerosol via Sahel rainfall (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:15    Xiuquan Wan (Presented by Ping Chang): Weather’s effect on Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and climate change (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:30    Alexey Fedorov: An interdecadal oscillatory mode of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in a hierarchy of ocean and coupled models (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:45    Laura Jackson: Exploring the stability of the AMOC in HadCM3 (View PowerPoint presentation)

15:00    Wilbert Weijer: Response of the Atlantic Ocean circulation to Greenland ice sheet melting in a global, strongly-eddying ocean model (View PowerPoint presentation)

15:15    BREAK


Science session 4: AMOC Variability Mechanisms and Predictability (continued)

15:45    Claude Frankignoul: The coupling between the AMOC and the atmosphere in CCSM3 (View PowerPoint presentation)

16:00    Rym Msadek: Decadal predictions of the AMOC in the GFDL initialized coupled models experiments  (For more information contact:

16:15    Stephen Yeager: On the origins of low-frequency variations in large-scale North Atlantic circulation in the 20th Century (View PowerPoint presentation)


AMOC Climate Impacts

16:30    Martha Buckley: Examining the relationships between low-frequency SST and AMOC variability (View PowerPoint presentation)

16:45    Will Hobbs: The salinity and heat budgets of the subtropical North Atlantic: Initial analysis (View PowerPoint presentation)

17:00    Mingfang Ting: Pattern of Atlantic multidecadal SST variability in CMIP3 and CMIP5 models, link to AMOC, and related global impacts (View PowerPoint presentation)

17:15    Yehui Chang: AMOC variability and its impacts on the global climate (View PowerPoint presentation)

17:30    Lesley Allison: Mechanisms and impacts of decadal-scale fluctuation events in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in unforced climate model simulations (View PowerPoint presentation)

17:45 – 19:45     RECEPTION AND POSTERS


Thursday (16 August): Mini workshops (MW)


08:30 – 12:30   MW#1 and MW#2 running in parallel with a break at 10:15


MW#1: AMOC Fingerprinting from Historical and Proxy Data

08:30    Casey Saenger: Ocean2k synthesis and the reconstruction of the past multidecadal variability in the Atlantic Ocean, and its potential link to the AMOC research community (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:00    Ben Horton: Sea-level change along the Atlantic coast of the United States (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:30    Rong Zhang: Review of AMOC fingerprints from models and observations (View PowerPoint presentation)

10:00    Discussion (Lead: Rong Zhang, Rapporteur: Josh Willis)

10:15    BREAK and POSTERS

10:45    Discussion (continued)


MW#2: AMOC’s Impact on the Carbon Cycle

08:30     Scott Doney:  Impacts of climate forcing on CO2 uptake in the North Atlantic (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:00     Galen McKinley: North Atlantic carbon cycle variability on multi-decadal time scales (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:30     Discussion (Lead: Yochanan Kushnir, Rapporteur: Ping Chang)

10:15     BREAK and POSTERS

10:45     Discussion (continued)

12:30     LUNCH 

13:45 – 17:45   MW#3 and MW#4 running in parallel with a break at 15:15


MW#3: The AMOC Observing System

13:45     Johanna Baehr: AMOC state and variability from existing and planned mooring arrays in the Atlantic  (For more information contact:

14:15     Rui Ponte: AMOC variability from satellite data and ocean state estimates (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:45     Stefan Gary:  Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic: Insights from Observing System Simulation Experiments (View PowerPoint presentation)

15:00     Thomas Rossby:  OceanScope (View PowerPoint presentation)

15:15     BREAK and POSTERS

15:45 - 17:45     Discussion (Lead: Susan Lozier, Rapporteur: Patrick Heimbach)


MW#4: AMOC Mechanisms and Predictability

13:45     Tom Delworth: Review of Proposed Mechanisms for Decadal to Multidecadal AMOC and Atlantic Variability (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:15     Grant Branstator: Initial Value Predictability of Upper Layer Temperature and AMOC (View PowerPoint presentation)

14:45     Discussion (Lead: Gokhan Danabasoglu, Rapporteur: Young-Oh Kwon)

15:15     BREAK and POSTERS

15:45 - 17:45     Discussion (continued)

18:30 - 21:30     Meeting of the Executive Committee and External Review Committee (Invitation only — Millenium Hotel/Boulder Creek Living Room & Zolo Restaurant)


Friday (17 August):

08:30    Eric Lindstrom: Update/perspective from funding agencies (View PowerPoint presentation)

09:00    Summaries of MWs, including Near Term Priorities (NTPs) (20 minutes each)

View the summaries:

10:20    BREAK

10:50    Bill Johns and TT leaders: Plenary discussion: progress, NTPs, future directions

12:30    ADJOURN