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September 2013

New US CLIVAR Project Office Location

We've moved!  The US CLIVAR Project Office is now located at 1201 New York Ave NW, 4th Floor Rooms 4002-4004, Washington, DC 20005.  Our new phone number is 202.787.1682.  We're co-located with members of the UCAR Washington Office at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.  We're looking forward to working with these colleagues in our new office space.

September 2013

CLIVAR Town Hall at 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting

CLIVAR held a Town Hall at the Ocean Sciences Meeting on Tuesday, February 25th, with presentations by Detlef Stammer and Lisa Goddard on future goals and research challenges of International and US CLIVAR.  Download a copy of the presentation.  Oral and poster sessions on CLIVAR: Ocean and Atmosphere Variability, Predictability and Change are scheduled for Wednesday, February 26th.

September 2013

US CLIVAR GRISO Working Group Publishes BAMS Article

Challenges to Understanding the Dynamic Response of Greenland’s Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcing” was published in the August 2013 edition of BAMS.  The paper summarizes the current state of knowledge and highlights key physical aspects of Greenland’s coupled ice sheet–ocean–atmosphere system.

September 2013

Follow CLIVAR A16N 2013 GO-SHIP/CO2 Repeat Hydrography Cruise

Follow scientists on board the NOAA RV, Ronald H. Brown, as they retrace line A16N to measure CTD, salinity, pCO2, TCO2, alkalinity, and more on this repeat hydrography cruiseThis cruise, the seventh re-occupation of this North Atlantic line since the first WOCE survey in 1988, is organized under the U.S. Global Ocean Carbon and Repeat Hydrography Program, jointly sponsored by NSF-OCE and NOAA-CPO and is a component of the global survey coordinated by GO-SHIP.

September 2013

CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue on Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice Interactions and Ice Sheets

The latest issue of CLIVAR Exchanges showcases a selection of articles on the science presented at the WGOMD/SOP Workshop on Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice Interactions and Ice Sheets held in Hobart, Australia February 18-20, 2013.

August 2013

NOAA Climate Program Office FY 2014 Federal Funding Opportunity

Along with its partners, NOAA Climate Project Office (CPO) supports competitive research through four major programs: Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM); Earth System Science (ESS); Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP); and Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI). All together, these programs are holding nine individual competitions for research funding in FY 2014.

August 2013

BAMS State of the Climate 2012 Now Available

The State of the Climate in 2012 supplement to the BAMS August 2013 issue is now available.  Download the report and browse through highlights on report topics: Extreme Events, Sea Surface Temperature, Ocean Heat Content and others on NOAA's website.

August 2013

Variations Summer 2013 Edition Now Available

The Summer 2013 edition of U.S. CLIVAR Variations is now available.  ENSO Diversity is the theme for this edition with articles from members of our ENSO Diversity Working Group and many others.

July 2013

Town Hall at AGU 2013 Fall Meeting

US and International CLIVAR held a Town Hall on Monday at the AGU Fall 2013 Meeting.  Representatives from both programs outlined the future directions and goals of CLIVAR followed by an audience Q&A session.  Click here to download the slideshow presentation from the Town Hall.    

June 2013

U.S. CLIVAR Science Plan Public Review - Extended to 7/10

The U.S. CLIVAR Draft Science Plan is now available for public comment through July 10, 2013. The draft plan reflects input from U.S. CLIVAR scientists serving on its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), three implementation panels, and members of the research community.  Through the open comment period, the SSC seeks comments on the draft plan by the broader U.S. and international science community and the public.  Review comments will be considered by the SSC in the final editing of the plan to be issued in late 2013.