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August 2013

Variations Summer 2013 Edition Now Available

The Summer 2013 edition of U.S. CLIVAR Variations is now available.  ENSO Diversity is the theme for this edition with articles from members of our ENSO Diversity Working Group and many others.

July 2013

Town Hall at AGU 2013 Fall Meeting

US and International CLIVAR held a Town Hall on Monday at the AGU Fall 2013 Meeting.  Representatives from both programs outlined the future directions and goals of CLIVAR followed by an audience Q&A session.  Click here to download the slideshow presentation from the Town Hall.    

June 2013

U.S. CLIVAR Science Plan Public Review - Extended to 7/10

The U.S. CLIVAR Draft Science Plan is now available for public comment through July 10, 2013. The draft plan reflects input from U.S. CLIVAR scientists serving on its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), three implementation panels, and members of the research community.  Through the open comment period, the SSC seeks comments on the draft plan by the broader U.S. and international science community and the public.  Review comments will be considered by the SSC in the final editing of the plan to be issued in late 2013.

May 2013

High Latitude Surface Flux Working Group Publishes BAMS Article

The members of the U.S. CLIVAR High Latitude Surface Flux Working Group have published an article in the March 2013 edition of BAMS, "High-Latitude Ocean and Sea Ice Surface Fluxes: Challenges for Climate Research."  The paper describes the scientific requirements for surface fluxes at high latitudes and identifies how current flux products fail to meet these requirements.  The authors offer suggestions to improve high latitude flux estimates which includes a multidisciplinary approach with in-situ measurements and satellite remote sensing.

April 2013

Recent US CLIVAR Events

Extremes Workshop, LBNL, Berkeley, CA, August 20-22
NCAR ASP Researcher Workshop, Boulder, CO, August 6-10
US AMOC/U.K. RAPID Science Meeting, Baltimore, MD, July 16-19
US CLIVAR Summit, Annapolis, MD, July 9-11
Hurricane Workshop, GFDL, Princeton, NJ, June 5-7
Greenland Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions Workshop, Beverly, MA, June 4-7

January 2013

U.S. AMOC/U.K. RAPID International Science Meeting

Registration is now open for the upcoming Joint Meeting of U.S. AMOC and U.K. RAPID.  This International Science Meeting will be held in Baltimore July 16-19, 2013.  Visit the event webpage for more details.


December 2012

2013 Call for U.S. CLIVAR Panel Member Nominations

The U.S. CLIVAR SSC will be selecting multiple panel members in 2013 for each of the three U.S. CLIVAR panels: Phenomena, Observations and Synthesis (POS) Panel, Process Study Model Improvement (PSMI) Panel, Predictability, Prediction and Applications Interface (PPAI) Panel.  Deadline for nomination submissions is Jan. 11, 2013.  See this Call for Panel Nominations Announcement for more information.

December 2012

U.S. CLIVAR Town Hall: Science Plan for the Post-2013 Era

Thanks to eveyone who joined us at AGU for our Town Hall Tuesday! We had a great crowd and audience response to the preview of the new U.S. CLIVAR Science Plan under development.  Click here to download the Town Hall Presentation

October 2012

ENSO Diversity Workshop Feb. 6-8, 2013 in Boulder, CO

Our ENSO Diversity Working Group just wrapped up a successful workshop that included over 40 presentations by scientists studying all aspects of ENSO Diversity.  Abstracts, presentations, and the complete workshop report are now available to download at the workshop webpage

September 2012

Latest Edition of U.S. CLIVAR Variations Now Available

The latest edition of the U.S. CLIVAR Variations newsletter is now available to view/download.  You may notice a slight change in format as we are now publishing the newsletter exclusively online.  Please subscribe to Variations here on our website to receive email notification of future editions.