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2014 US AMOC Science Team Meeting Agenda

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation

Registration & Coffee

08:15 Welcome, Objectives, and Expected Outcomes LuAnne Thompson  
08:30 Discussion/Presentation of AMOC Science Team Review Gokhan Danabasoglu  
08:45 to 12:45

Session 1: Implementation & Evaluation of AMOC Observing System

08:45 OSNAP Update Bill Johns Download
09:00 Pathways to Denmark Strait: A Lagrangian study in the Iceland Sea Marieke Femke de Jong Download
09:15 Arctic Outflow West of Greenland: Fluxes at Davis Strait Craig Lee Download
09:15 Video: Davis Gliders, to accompany above presentation Craig Lee View
09:30 The Bremen NOAC observation system in the subpolar North Atlantic Dagmar Kieke Download
09:45 Deepglider pilot observations of full water column structure near Bermuda and relevance to AMOC estimation Charles Eriksen Download

Posters/Break (TT1)

11:00 The SAMOC (South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) program: Science results and an update on the observational components Renellys Perez Download
11:15 Observing the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) at 26°N: New perspectives after the first decade of observations David Smeed Download
11:30 A decade of Atlantic Ocean heat transport estimates from the RAPID-MOCHA array at 26.5°N Bill Johns Download
11:45 Decadal variability in the deep branch of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation observed at 16°N Uwe Send Download
12:00 Fingerprints of AMOC variability on decadal time scales Robert Kopte Download
12:15 Session Discussion (Lead: Chris Meinen)    

Lunch on your own

14:00 to 14:45

Session 2: Role of AMOC in Global Climate and Ecosystems

14:00 North Atlantic-Arctic Workshop Outcomes Ruth Curry Download
14:15 The resolution-dependent role of the AMOC in simulated ocean heat uptake Emily Newsom Download
14:30 Role of the AMOC in ocean heat storage and transient climate change Kyle Armour Download
14:45 AMOC's multidecadal variability led to the current hiatus in global warming Ka-Kit Tung Download

Posters/Break (TT4)

16:30 to 18:00

Special Session: AMOC Linkages with Climate Variability & Change

16:30 Impact of AMOC on Arctic sea ice and atmosphere heat transport into the Arctic Rong Zhang  
17:00 Why the ITCZ is in the Northern Hemisphere: Role of the AMOC Dargan Frierson Download
17:30 Interaction between tropical Atlantic variability and the Atlantic Meridional Circulation: Mechanistic regional modeling studies Ramalingam Saravanan Download
18:00 to 19:30

Networking Opportunity: Sponsored by UW's Program on Climate Change, the College of the Environment, the School of Oceanography, and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation


08:30 to 09:30

Session 2 (continued): Role of AMOC in Global Climate and Ecosystems

08:30 Influence of a weakened AMOC on the El Nino-Southern Oscillation Alyssa Atwood Download
08:45 Influence of AMOC variability on the atmospheric circulation in CCSM4 Young-Oh Kwon Download
09:00 Session Discussion (Lead: Ruth Curry)    
09:30 to 12:30

Session 3: Assessment of AMOC State, Variability, & Change

09:30 Meridional changes of the South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation from satellite measurements Shenfu Dong Download
09:45 An observational analysis of coupling between the ocean and the atmosphere in the subtropical North Atlantic on interannual time scales LuAnne Thompson Download

Posters/Break (TT2)

11:00 Uncovering the reasons for differing low-frequency AMOC behavior in ocean reanalysis products used to initialize decadal predictions Alicia Karspeck Download
11:15 Decadal variability of CFC-11 east of Abaco and its relationship to North Atlantic ventilation and AMOC Dongxiao Zhang  
11:30 Intraseasonal to interannual variability of the AMOC from eddy-resolving simulations and observations Xiaobiao Xu Download
11:45 Spreading dynamics of dense overflows in the western North Atlantic: Eddy-resolving simulations with a passive tracers Peter Rhines  
12:00 Session Discussion (Lead: LuAnne Thompson)    

Lunch on your own

14:00 to 17:30

Session 4: AMOC Variability Mechanisms & Predictability

14:00 Simulated response of the AMOC and Northern Hemisphere climate to NAO variations on interannual to centennial time scales Thomas Delworth Download
14:15 Why is the AMOC mono-stable in Coupled General Circulation Models? Zhengyu Liu Download
14:30 Impacts of ocean model parameterization and atmospheric initial condition perturbations on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in the Community Earth System Model Gokhan Danabasoglu Download
14:45 On the evolution of AMOC fingerprint in the North Atlantic Jinting Zhang Download
15:00 Optimal excitation of AMOC as estimated via application of the fluctuation dissipation theorem Grant Branstator Download
15:15 Influences of time-dependent precipitation on the AMOC Michael Spall Download

Posters/Break (TT3)

16:30 The AMOC interdecadal mode related to westward propagation of density anomalies in CMIP5 Les Muir Download
16:45 AMOC analyses for decadal climate predictions: a multiple timescale coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation perspective Robert Tardif Download
17:00 Session Discussion (Lead: Steve Yeager)    

Adjourn for day

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation


08:30 Agency Updates    
08:50 Breakout Groups: Discussion of near term priorities and long-term goals for all TT (4 groups)    


10:50 to 13:00

Breakout Reports

10:50 TT1 Breakout Summary    
11:10 TT2 Breakout Summary    
11:30 TT3 Breakout Summary    
11:50 TT4 Breakout Summary    
12:10 Group Discussion    


13:00 to 14:30

Working Lunch for US AMOC EC


Poster Presentations

Poster Title Author Presentation
TT1 - Tuesday, September 9    
Velocity structure along Line W based on a decade of shipboard measurements and satellite data Magdalena Andres Download
Update on meridional overturning and heat transport estimated from XBT data Molly Baringer Download
Tracing the lower limb of the AMOC in the South Atlantic Siliva Garzoli Download
An optimal XBT-based monitoring system for the South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 34S Marlos Goes Download
A feasibility study of monitoring AMOC variability thru ocean bottom pressure observations from GRACE Felix Landerer  
Observed Deep Western Boundary Current variability at 34.5°S during 2009- 2012 Christopher Meinen Download
Transport and bottom boundary layer observations of the North Atlantic Deep Western Boundary Current at the Blake Outer Ridge Thomas Sanford Download
Space-time scales of geostrophic motions and implications for ocean circulation trend detection Cimarron Wortham  
TT4 - Tuesday, September 9    
Low frequency SST and upper-ocean heat content variability in the North Atlantic Martha Buckley Download
How AMOC variations affect climate: the North Atlantic versus an interhemispheric seesaw Alexey Fedorov  
Cloud cover over the Gulf Stream in winter: Observational evidence for atmospheric response to changes in upper ocean heat content Julie Ann Koehlinger Download
The impact of the AMOC and Andes topography on the location of tropical precipitation Elizabeth Maroon Download
Assessing the link between AMV and weather regimes in GFDL climate simulations Yohan Ruprich-Robert  
Carbon isotope supports AMOC decline as a trigger for early deglacial CO2 rise Andreas Schmittner Download
An extreme sea level rise event along the Northeast Coast Jianjun Yin  
TT2 - Wednesday, September 10    
Contributions to low frequency variability of SST in the North Atlantic Kathryn Kelly  
Simulated Atlantic multi-decadal and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation variability during the 20th century in CCSM4, CESM Large Ensemble, and forced ocean simulations Who Kim Download
Response of AMOC variability under 4×CO2 conditions Douglas MacMartin Download
Warming of subsurface waters of the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean Peter Rhines  
A comparison of transport and position between the Gulf Stream east of Cape Hatteras and the Florida Current Alejandra Sanchez-Franks Download
Variability and uncertainty of meridional transports in the South Atlantic as estimated from Argo and altimetry Claudia Schmid Download
AMOC reconstruction for paleoclimate across multiple time scales Nathan Steiger Download
Energetics of internal motion at periods of hours to years at the western boundary of the subtropical North Atlantic Zoltan Szuts  
TT3 - Wednesday, September 10    
Modeling Effects of Greenland Ice Sheet Melting on AMOC Variability and Predictability Pepijn Bakker Download
The importance of the western Transition Zone in decadal AMOC variability Martha Buckley Download
Energy balance in a warm world without the ocean conveyor belt and sea ice Aixie Hu  
Wintertime Mixed Layer Instabilities in the Iceland-Faroe front: Why they matter Miguel Jimenez-Urias  
The fate of water vapor over the Atlantic and variations in the AMOC Ana Ordonez Download
A Linear Stochastic Analysis of Model Diversity in AMOC Dynamics Cécile Penland Download
Simulating Meridional Overturning Circulation Water Mass Pathways and Variability in the South Atlantic Renellys Perez Download
Forecast cooling of the Atlantic subpolar gyre and associated impacts Niall Robinson Download
Interior Wave Pathways for Propagation of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) Variability Jiayan Yang  
CESM projections of AMOC weakening in the coming decade: Mechanisms and impacts Stephen Yeager Download
Dynamics of the basin-wide North Atlantic Deep Water flux and Deep Western Boundary Current at 26.5°N Jain Zhao