Ocean's Carbon and Heat Uptake Agenda

Friday, December 12, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation
18:30 Welcome and opening remarks Joellen Russell
18:45 Ocean Carbon Uptake in CMIP5 Models Working Group Update Taka Ito Download
19:00 Southern Ocean Heat and Carbon Uptake Working Group Update Igor Kamenkovich Download
Saturday, December 13, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation

Model Biases and Uncertainties in CMIP5 Models

08:00 Role of the Southern Ocean in climate: Heat and Carbon Uptake Jorge Sarmiento Download
08:20 Ocean Biogeochemistry in CMIP5 John Dunne Download
08:40 CMIP5: Uncertainties in tropical climate and carbon uptake Pedro DiNezio Download
09:00 Model Biases & Uncertainties in CMIP5 Models: Ocean Carbon Uptake & Climate Feedbacks Scott Doney Download
09:20 Southern Ocean wind and sea-ice in CMIP5: Biases and projections Tom Bracegirdle Download


10:00 Panel Discussion

Observational Gaps and Uncertainties

11:00 Southern Ocean observing system (SOOS) and the global data collecting system Lynne Talley Download
11:20 Ocean-(ice)-air interactions Sarah Gille Download


13:00 Quantifying carbon uptake and its trends Galen McKinley Download
13:20 Quantification of the biological pump and nutrient export Ken Johnson Download
13:40 Deep Argo Gregory  Johnson Download
14:00 Panel Discussion

Process Studies: Gaps, New Measurements, and Parameterizations

15:00 The suppression of Southern Ocean deep convection under anthropogenic climate change Jamie Palter Download
15:20 Parameterizing mesoscale eddy effects in large-scale ocean models Bob Hallberg Download


16:00 Ocean resolution, heat uptake, & transient sensitivity Michael Winton Download
16:20 Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment in the Southern Ocean (DIMES) Raffaele Ferrari Download
16:40 EXport Processes in the Ocean from RemoTe Sensing (EXPORTS) Dave Siegel Download
17:00 Panel Discussion
18:00 to 20:00

Poster Session (See listing below)

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation

Southern Ocean: Circulation and Carbon Cycle (Sponsored by the WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative)

08:00 Propping open the door to the deep Southern Ocean: An update Joellen Russell
08:20 What sets patterns of Southern Ocean heat uptake and storage? Kyle Armour Download
08:40 Changes in the ventilation of the Southern Ocean Darryn Waugh Download
09:00 Wind induced changes in the ocean carbon sink Neil Swart Download
09:20 Detection of a weakening Southern Ocean carbon sink Nikki Lovenduski Download


10:00 Panel Discussion

New Initiatives

11:00 CMIP6 and future Climate Process Teams Gokhan Danabasoglu Download
11:35 Forcing models with flux anomalies, a proposed MIP (FAFMIP) Anastasia Romanou Download
11:55 VITALS/OSNAP Jamie Palter Download
12:15 SOCCOM Jorge Sarmiento Download


14:00 Final Discussion
15:00 Workshop Adjourns
15:00 to 16:30 Joint Working Group Meetings

Poster Presentations

Poster Title Author Presenter Affiliation
Dissolved organic carbon accumulation, export and removal in the North Atlantic: Insights gained from ocean transects Craig Carlson University of California Santa Barbara
Metrics for validating water mass formation and distribution in the Southern Ocean model solution Ivana Cerovecki Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Evolution of ocean acidification in CMIP5 models James Christian Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Exploring the role of ocean heat and carbon uptake in determining the linear relationship between global warming and cumulative Dana Ehlert Simon Fraser University
Southern Ocean carbon trends: Sensitivity to methods Amanda Fay University of Wisconsin-Madison
Effect of the mesoscale on Southern Ocean watermass structure Ivy Frenger Princeton University
Recovery of deep ocean ventilation with global warming Thomas Froelicher ETH Zurich
Antarctic Bottom Water temperature changes in the western South Atlantic from 1989–2014 Gregory Johnson NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
On the role of mesoscale eddies in ventilation of the Southern Ocean Igor Kamenkovich University of Miami
Why carbon emission rates matter for TCRE and oceanic heat and carbon uptake John Krastin NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Vertical redistribution of oceanic heat content Xingfeng Liang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Southern Ocean convection and tropical teleconnections Irina Marinov University of Pennsylvania
A validation procedure for a Southern Ocean model solution Matthew Mazloff Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Organic carbon export rates from transient tracer data in the Indian Ocean Sabine Mecking University of Washington
Validation and analysis of ocean model simulations using satellite ocean color fields Avichal Mehra NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction
Recent change in the Southern Ocean carbon system based on time series observations in the Drake Passage David Munro University of Colorado, Boulder
Timescales and magnitude of internal variability in surface ocean pCO2: 1975-2036 Darren Pilcher University of Wisconsin-Madison
Warming, freshening, and contraction of Antarctic Bottom Water between the1990s and 2000s Sarah Purkey Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Export Processes in the Ocean from RemoTe Sensing (EXPORTS):  Science Plan for a NASA Field Campaign in Ocean Carbon Cycling David Siegel University of California Santa Barbara
Deep ocean warming and its sensitivity to surface heat flux and Greenland melting waters Y. Tony Song NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Contrasting drivers of CO2 sink locations in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere oceans Peter Strutton University of Tasmania
Southern Ocean air-sea heat flux, SST spatial anomalies, and implications for multi-decadal upper ocean heat content trends Veronica Tamsitt Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ocean circulation-radiative feedback mechanisms and their impact on transient climate change David Trossman McGill University
Quantifying anthropogenic carbon inventory changes in the pacific sector of the Southern Ocean Nancy Williams University of Washington
Changing CO2 and pH in the Atlantic Ocean: 1989-2014 Ryan Woosley University of Miami
Ocean dynamical adjustment and atmospheric CO2 feedback Laure Zanna University of Oxford
Historical heat and carbon cycle fluxes: An Earth System model of intermediate complexity inter-comparison Kirsten Zickfeld Simon Fraser University