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Daily to Decadal Ecological Forecasting along North American Coastlines Workshop Agenda

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Opening in winter 2021

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Opening in winter 2021

Boulder, CO and Virtual


The 2.5 day workshop will take place in person and online. A tentative agenda is as follows:

Day 1

AM 1: Meeting welcome and synthesis of pre-work activity.

AM 2: Management and Climate applied to the coast plenaries.

PM 1: Place-based breakout groups with lightning talks.

PM 2: Identification of common themes vs uniquely place-based themes.  Reporting back to plenary.

Evening: SOC planning.

Day 2

AM 1: Plenaries focusing on gaps and challenges identified by researchers  currently working in ecological forecasting.

AM 2: Breakout groups that mix place-based researchers focused on common  themes from Day 2. Future steps.

PM 1: Place-based breakout groups focusing on critical gaps identified in AM 1  and by the groups from AM 2.

PM 2: Future steps in place-based breakouts. Reporting back to plenary.

Day 3

AM 1: Discussion of commonalities in future steps that need broader community  support as opposed to more locally focused efforts.

AM 2: Breakout group discussion of future steps and planning of report writing.