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US CLIVAR Hurricane Workshop Agenda

Workshop Agenda

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Wednesday, June 5th


8:30 amUS CLIVAR Hurricane WG: How we got here -­ where are we going?  Gabriel Vecchi   Talk

9:00 amCharacteristics of tropical cyclones in high-­resolution models of the present climate, by Daniel A. Shaevitz, S.J. Camargo, A.H. Sobel and the US CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group Image removed.  Talk

9:30 amResponse of global tropical cyclone frequency to a doubling of CO2 and a uniform SST warming – a multi-­model intercomparison, by Ming Zhao, G. Vecchi, E. Scoccimarro, S. Gualdi, H. Wang, A. Kumar, Y.-­K. Lim, and S. Schubert  Image removed.  Talk


10:00 am – Coffee Break


10:30 amResponse of downscaled tropical cyclones to climate forcing: Results and interpretation, by Kerry Emanuel Image removed.  Talk

11:00 amCluster analysis of explicitly and downscaled simulated North Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks, by A.S. Daloz, Suzana J. Camargo, J. Kossin, K. Emanuel, and US CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group Image removed.  Talk

11:30 amA comparison of observed and model-generated tropical cyclone climatologies using a spatial lattice, by Sarah Strazzo, J.B. Elsner, T. LaRow, and M. Zhao  Image removed.  Talk


12:00 pm – Lunch


1:00 pmProjected changes in the seasonal cycle of tropical cyclones, by John G. Dwyer, S.J. Camargo, A.H. Sobel, M. Biasutti, K.A. Emanuel, G.A. Vecchi, and M. Zhao  Image removed.  Talk

1:30 pmWarming sea-­surface temperature raises the bar for tropical cyclogenesis, by Jenni Evans Image removed.  Talk

2:00 pmNorth  Atlantic hurricane potential intensity in CMIP5 models: Anthropogenic forcing versus Atlantic multi-­‐decadal variability, Mingfang Ting, S.J. Camargo and Y. Kushnir Image removed.  Talk

2:30 pmOn the relationship between potential intensity and CAPE, by Stephen Garner  Image removed.  Talk


3:00pm – Coffee Break


3:30 pm – Discussion

4:00 pm – Dynamic hurricane prediction with the NCEP CFS CGCM, by Jae-K. E. Schemm and L. Long  Image removed.  Talk

4:30 pmUncertainties in future changes in tropical cyclone activity projected by multi-­‐physics and multi-­SST ensemble experiments, by Hiroyuki Murakami  Image removed.  Talk

5:00 pmTropical cyclone characteristics in response to different cumulus convective activity in a high-­resolution climate model, by Young-­Kwon Lim and S. Schubert  Image removed.  Talk


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm: Reception at Salt Creek Grille with appetizers and beverages



Thursday, June 6th


8:30 am –  Dynamical downscaling of tropical cyclone activity: An update on the use of the GFDL Hurricane model in multiple basins, by Thomas R. Knutson  Image removed.  Talk

9:00 amTropical cyclone simulation and response to CO2 doubling in GFDL CM2.5 high-­resolution coupled model, by Hyeong-­Seog Kim, G. Vecchi, T.R. Knutson, T.L. Delworth, and M. Zhao  Image removed.  Talk

9:30 am -­  Tropical cyclone studies with a hierarchy of climate model resolutions from the UPSCALE project, by Malcolm Roberts, M. Mizielinski, J. Strachan, P.L. Vidale, M.E. Demory, and R. Schiemann  Image removed.  Talk


10:00 am – Coffee Break


10:30 amHurricane simulations in a regional climate model, by R. Saravanan, C.M. Patricola and P. Chang  Image removed.  Talk

11:00 amTropical cyclone simulations in the very high-­resolution global climate models, Cheng-­Ta Chen, T.-P. Tzeng, M. Wehner, Prabhat, and A. Kitoh  Image removed.  Talk  and How well can we detect tropical cyclone tracks in the Reanalyses data by Cheng-­Ta Chen, T.-­P. Tzeng, M. Wehner and Prabhat  Image removed.  Talk

11:30 am – Discussion


12:00 pm – Lunch


1:00 pmHigh resolution, multi-­decadal tropical cyclone simulations using a variable-­resolution general circulation model, by Colin M. Zarzycki and C. Jablonowski  Image removed.  Talk

1:30 pmResults from the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5.1, by Michael Wehner, Prabhat, K. Reed, C.-­T. Cheng, and D. Stone  Image removed.  Talk

2:00 pmTropical cyclone research with a global non-­hydrostatic model, by Kazuyoshi Oouchi  Image removed.

2:30 pmEnvironmental control of tropical cyclone genesis in paleoclimate simulations, by Robert Korty, S.J. Camargo and J. Galewsky  Image removed.  Talk


3:00 pm – Coffee Break


3:30pmIntense precipitation events associated with landfalling storms in a warmer climate, by Enrico Scoccimarro, S. Gualdi, G. Villarini, A. Navarra, and modelers of the US CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group  Image removed.  Talk

4:00pmSensitivity of tropical cyclone rainfall to different warming scenarios, by D.A. Lavers, Gabriele Villarini, E. Scoccimarro, G.A. Vecchi and modelers of the US CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group  Image removed.  Talk

4:30pmImpact of stratospheric temperature on hurricane intensity: An idealized modeling study, by Shuguang Wang, S.J. Camargo, A.H. Sobel and L.M. Polvani  Image removed.  Talk

5:00pm -­ Discussion


Friday, June 7th


8:30 amDetection of tropical cyclones using a phenomenon-­based cyclone tracking scheme, by M. Horn, Kevin Walsh and A. Ballinger Image removed.  Talk

9:00 am The sensitivity of hurricane frequency to ITCZ changes and radiatively forced warming in aquaplanet simulations, by Timothy M. Merlis, Ming Zhao, and Isaac M. Held Image removed.  Talk

9:30 amThe impact of the El Niño-­Southern Oscillation and Atlantic Meridional Mode on Atlantic tropical cyclone activity, by Christina Patricola, R. Saravanan and P. Chang  Image removed.  Talk


10:00 am – Coffee Break


10:30 amHow well do global climate models simulate the variability of Atlantic tropical cyclones associated with ENSO? by Hui Wang, L. Long, A. Kumar, W. Wang, and J.-­K. E. Schemm  Image removed.  Talk

11:00 amIsentropic analysis of hurricanes, by Agnieszka Mrowiec, O. Pauluis and F. Zhang  Image removed.  Talk

11:30 am – Discussion


12:30 pm – End of the workshop

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