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Ocean Carbon Hot Spots Workshop Agenda

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Monday, September 25, 2017
Time Agenda Presenter Presentation

Registration / Continental Breakfast

08:00 Welcome remarks Chris Scholin (MBARI)   
08:05 Welcome, logistics, goals Andrea Fassbender (MBARI) + Stu Bishop (North Carolina State U.)   

Keynote lecture

08:15 Western boundary currents physics and biogeochemistry Jamie Palter (U. Rhode Island)  Download



Session 1: Introduction to western boundary currents

Chair: Matt Long (NCAR)

09:30 Motivation for OceanObs19 Meghan Cronin (NOAA PMEL)  Download
09:50 Timescales and mechanisms of change in ocean carbon sink Galen McKinley (Columbia U.)  Download
10:10 The role of western boundary currents in the ocean uptake and storage of anthropogenic carbon: a modeling perspective Keith Rodgers (Princeton U.)  Download
10:30 Fronts in the confluence of western boundary currents: A comparative study between the Brazil-Malvinas and the Kurohio-Oyashio systems Paulo Calil (U. Federal do Rio Grande)   Download
10:50 Decadal variability and impact of the Kuroshio Extension system Bo Qiu (U. Hawai'i)  Download
11:10 Discussion    



Session 2: Western boundary current physics: eddies, cross-frontal exchange, mixed layer instabilities, and mode water

Chair: Meghan Cronin (NOAA PMEL)

13:30 Submesoscale processes in western boundary currents Leif Thomas (Stanford U.)  Download
13:50 Kuroshio Extension dynamics Stuart Bishop (North Carolina State U.)  Download
14:10 Decadal variability of subtropical mode water subduction and its impact on biogeochemistry Eitarou Oka (U. Tokyo)  Download
14:30 Mesoscale eddy in the Kuroshio and its Extension Xiaopei Lin (Ocean U. China)  Download
14:50 Biogeochemical processes observed in the Kuroshio recirculation gyre Ryuichiro Inoue (JAMSTEC)  Download


15:50 Discussion    

Break/Beach walk


Evening networking opportunity and posters

17:30 Poster session 1    


Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Time Agenda Presenter Presentation

Breakfast and posters

08:00 Poster session 2    

Session 3: Western boundary currents biogeochemistry: carbon, nutrient, and oxygen tracers

Chair: Stu Bishop (North Carolina State U.)

09:30 Discovery of a Southern Ocean carbon source: implications for carbon uptake in southern hemisphere western boundary regions Jorge Sarmiento (Princeton U.)  Download
09:50 The role of western boundary currents on the biogeochemical cycling and its centennial trends under global warming Taka Ito (Georgia Tech)  Download
10:10 The effects of jet-scale overturning circulations on the air-sea CO2 flux and chlorophyll in the Southern Ocean and Gulf Stream Extension Qian Li (Penn State U.)  Download
10:30 Biological and physical controls on the Kuroshio Extension oxygen cycle from an array of profiling floats Seth Bushinsky (Princeton U.)  Download
10:50 Mixed-layer carbon cycling and drivers of air-sea CO2 exchange at the Kuroshio Extension Observatory Andrea Fassbender (MBARI)   Download
11:10 Discussion    

Lunch at Haute Enchilada


Session 4: Western boundary current biophysical interactions: ecosystem structure and the biological pump

Chair: Taka Ito (Georgia Tech)

13:15 The impact of climate change on the physics and biogeochemistry of the ocean on scales down to the submesoscale Kelvin Richards (U. Hawai'i)  Download
13:35 Seasonal and regional variations in net community production in the Kuroshio Extension from in situ measurements Sophie Clayton (U. Washington)  Download
13:55 Impact of cyclonic eddies on biogeochemistry in the oligotrophic ocean based on biogeochemical/physical/meteorological time-series at station KEO Makio Honda (JAMSTEC)  Download
14:15 Imaging marine snow with a fleet of miniature, neutrally buoyant, floats Melissa Omand (U. Rhode Island)  Download
14:35 Discussion    



Synthesis and community planning

15:30 Breakout groups (4)    
16:30 Breakout group reports/discussion    
17:15 Closing remarks Andrea Fassbender (MBARI) + Stu Bishop (North Carolina State U.)   

Meeting adjourns


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Poster Presentations

Session 1: Monday, September 25
Poster Title Author Affiliation
Inter-decadal modulations in the dynamical state of the Kuroshio Extension system: 1905-2017 Shuiming Chen University of Hawaii at Manoa
Linking Surface Phytoplankton with Sinking Particles at Coastal Boundaries Colleen Durkin Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Profiling float observations of enhanced carbon uptake in the Zapiola Anticyclone Alison Gray University of Washington
Influence of the biological pump on air-sea CO2 flux depends on the magnitude and seasonal timing of physical processes Hilary Palevsky Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Research Plan for the Kuroshio Extension at the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) Young-Gyu Park Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
Submesoscale symmetric instability and observed rapid dye dispersion across the Gulf Stream Jacob Wenegrat Stanford University
Calculating surface ocean pCO2 from biogeochemical Argo floats equipped with pH: an uncertainty analysis Nancy Williams Oregon State University
Meridional Shift of the Oyashio Extension Front in the Past 35 Years Baolan Wu Ocean University of China
Session 2: Tuesday, September 26
Poster Title Author Affiliation
Distribution of Trichodesmium in the Brazil Current (BC) and their association with iron-rich particles Mariana Bif University of Miami - Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS)
Wind modulation of upwelling at the shelf-break front off Patagonia: Observational evidence Magdalena Carranza Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Atmospheric carbon invasion in the meridional border of California Current surface water Yessica Contreras CICESE
Past and Future Measurements of Air-sea Interaction, Upper-ocean Mixing, and Ventilation Pathways from High-endurance Autonomous Platforms James Girton University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory
A Meandering Jet in the Kuroshio Extension Leah Johnson Applied Physics Lab, School of Oceanography, University of Washington
Spatial and temporal variations of particulate organic carbon in the Northwest Pacific Xiujun Wang Beijing Normal University
Multi-decadal fCO2 trends in Western Boundary Current- and Eastern Boundary Current-Dominated Margins Hongjie Wang Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Enhanced eddy-induced ocean-to-atmosphere turbulent heat transfers in the global western boundary current regions Yanan Zhu Ocean University of China

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