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Translating Process Understanding to Improve Climate Models Agenda

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Thursday, October 15, 2015
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation
08:00 Introduction and workshop overview Aneesh Subramanian Download
08:15 to 10:00

Modeling Center Presentations (Chair: Sonya Legg)

08:15 Key issues arising in CM4 development at GFDL Isaac Held, NOAA GFDL Download
08:35 Biases and development needs for CESM Marika Holland, NCAR Download
08:55 Improvements in the GISS climate model and process based evaluation Anastasia Romanou, NASA GISS Download
09:15 DOE's Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME): Plans for Version 1 and Beyond Dorothy Koch, DOE Download
09:35 Moving to a simpler NCEP production suite; moving to unified coupled global modeling Hendrik Tolman, NOAA NCEP Download


10:15 to 12:00

Modeling Center Presentations Cont.

10:15 US Navy Coupled System Research and Development Under Earth System Prediction Capability Carolyn Reynolds, NRL Download
10:35 Observation-driven studies using the GEOS-5 Earth System modeling and analysis: Some examples Steven Pawson, NASA GMAO Download
10:55 Discussion with modeling center presenters    
11:20 to 12:00

Current Status of Process Understanding (Chair: Joao Teixeira)

11:20 Atmosphere-ocean boundary layers and fluxes Baylor Fox-Kemper, Brown U. Download
11:40 Improved parameterization of heat, mass, and momentum exchange for process studies in numerical models Jim Edson, U. Connecticut Download


13:00 to 15:00

Current Status of Process Understanding

13:00 Recent advances in understanding glacier-ocean interactions Fiamma Straneo, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Download
13:20 Radiation, clouds, and aerosols Graeme Stephens, Colorado State U.  Download
13:40 Gliding into the Grey Zone: The Quest for Resolution-Independent Physics Dave Randall, Colorado State U.  Download
14:00 Capturing the dynamics of ocean-estuarine interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales Sarah Giddings, Scripps Institution of Oceanography  Download
14:20 Land-Atmosphere Interactions - A Coupled Modeling Problem Paul Dirmeyer, George Mason University Download
14:40 Discussion    
15:00 to 15:15


15:15 to 17:00

Breakout Session I


Room 1: Ocean (Lead: LuAnne Thompson)

Room 2: Atmosphere (Lead: Steven Krueger)

Room 3: Cyrosphere (Lead: Don Perovich)

Room 4: Air-sea (Lead: H. Annamalai)

17:30 to 19:30

Poster Session and Networking Opportunity

Brush Gallery, Princeton Campus

Friday, October 16, 2015
Time Agenda/Abstracts Presenter Presentation
08:30 Introduction Aneesh Subramanian  

Agency Perspective


Sandy Lucas (NOAA)

Dorothy Koch (DOE)

Dan Eleuterio (ONR)

Eric Itsweire, Eric DeWeaver, Anjuli Bamzai (NSF)

09:05 to 10:00

Some Past Climate Process Team Examples: Lessons Learned (Chair: Marika Holland)

09:05 Has a decade of Climate Process Teams strengthened US climate model development? Chris Bretherton, U. Washington Download
09:20 Ocean climate process teams: successes and lessons learned Sonya Legg, Princeton U. Download
09:35 Discussion    


10:20 Summary of breakout session 1    
10:40 to 12:00

Breakout Session 2


Room 1: Tropical biases (Lead: Xianan Jiang)

Room 2: Mid-latitude biases (Lead: Richard Small)

Room 3: High-latitude biases (Lead: Wieslaw Maslowski)



13:00 to 14:30

Future Prospects for Observations/Modelers (Chair: Caroline Ummenhofer)

13:00 Air-Sea Interaction Regional Initiative (ASIRI) in the Northern Indian Ocean Amala Mahadevan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Download
13:10 From DYNAMO to YMC: How Field Campaigns Help Understand Processes of Tropical Deep Convection and Its Interaction with the Ocean Chidong Zhang, U. Miami Download
13:20 The CalWater Field Experiment: Overview of Objectives and Data Collected Marty Ralph, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Download
13:30 Smoke and clouds above the southeast Atlantic: Combined observational and modeling strategies to probe absorbing aerosol’s impact on climate Paquita Zuidema, U. Miami Download
13:40 The Oliktok Point Observational Facility Gijs De Boer, U. Colorado Download
13:50 Update on CMIP6 Gokhan, Danabasoglu, National Center for Atmospheric Research Download
14:00 Developing ocean and sea ice components of UK coupled models for seamless prediction Helene Hewitt, UK Met Office Download
14:10 Discussion    


14:45 Summary of breakout session 2    
15:05 to 16:30

Breakout Session 3: Mechanisms for future activities that bridge process studies and modeling centers

Group 1 (Lead: Andy Thompson)

Group 2 (Lead: Maria Flatau)

Group 3 (Lead: Alistair Adcroft)



16:45 to 17:30

Summary Session: Next Steps (Chairs: Amala Mahadevan, Alessandra Giannini


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Poster Presentations

Poster Title Author Presenter Affiliation Presentation
Isopycnal Mixing and Ventilation Controlled By Winds Ryan Abernathey Columbia University Download
The Calving and Icebergs CPT Alistair Adcroft Princeton University/NOAA GFDL Download
Systematic errors in monsoon simulation: A way forward H. Annamalai University of Hawaii Download
The internal gravity wave spectrum: A new frontier in global ocean modeling Brian Arbic University of Michigan Download
Implementing a New Convective Trigger function in the NCEP Climate Forecast System version 2 Rodrigo Bombardi George Mason University Download
Extra-tropical origin of equatorial Pacific cold bias in climate models Natalie Burls George Mason University  
Southern Ocean open-sea convection teleconnections Anna Cabre University of Pennsylvania Download
Evaluation of Cloud and Heating Rate Profiles in Eight GCMs Using A-train Satellite Observations Gregory Cesana NASA JPL/Caltech Download
Sensitivity experiments with HYCOM-CICE during the CORE-II project Eric Chassignet Florida State University Download
How lateral mixing affects the amplitude of El Nino Anand Gnanadesikan Johns Hopkins University Download
Global ocean circulation and mixing strengths deduced from observations Sjoerd Groeskamp Columbia University Download
AMIE/DYNAMO/CINDY: From process level understanding to model evaluation and improvement Samson Hagos Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Download
Parameterizing subgrid-scale eddy effects using energetically consistent backscatter Malte Jansen The University of Chicago Download
Exploring Key Processes in Modeling the Madden-Julian Oscillation Xianan Jiang University of California, Los Angeles Download
An Economical PDF-Based Turbulence Closure Model for Cloud-Resolving Models and Global Climate Models Steven Krueger University of Utah Download
Atmospheric Rivers From a Hierarchy of Climate Simulations L. Ruby Leung Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Download
The ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment (AWARE) Dan Lubin Scripps Institution of Oceanography Download
An Assessment of AGCM Skill in Predicting Horizontal Vapor Transport in Pacific Ocean Atmospheric Rivers Andrew Martin Scripps Institution of Oceanography Download
Improving understanding and modeling of Arctic climate change with process resolving climate models Wieslaw Maslowski Naval Postgraduate School Download
Coupled Air-Sea Interactions in Coastal Upwelling Regions: Atmospheric Low-level Coastal Jets and ​Marine ​Stratocumulus Clouds Christina Patricola Texas A&M University Download
The Hybrid Global Ocean Data Assimilation System at NCEP Steve Penny University of Maryland/NCEP Download
Arctic sea ice: 6 not so easy questions Don Perovich Dartmouth Download
The CalWater 2 - Precipitation, Aerosols, and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers Experiment F. Martin Ralph Scripps Institution of Oceanography Download
Shear driven turbulence in the natural environment Kelvin Richard University of Hawaii Download
Bimodal Representation of Convection with a Modified Kain-Fritsch Cumulus Scheme James Ridout Naval Research Laboratory Download
Wind driven currents in the Benguela upwelling system and the success of climate models Richard Small NCAR Download
Short-term sea ice forecasts with the RASM-ESRL coupled model: A testbed for improving simulations of ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions in marginal ice zone Amy Solomon University of Colorado/NOAA-ESRL Download
Stochastic multi-scale modeling for weather and climate prediction Aneesh Subramanian University of Oxford Download
Improving modeling of diurnal variability in upper ocean processes and surface fluxes using satellite and in-situ observations Aneesh Subramanian University of Oxford Download
Open-ocean submesoscale motions: Seasonal variations in mixed layer instabilities from gliders Andrew Thompson California Institute of Technology Download
Resolution-dependent interannual Gulf Stream, heat content, and overturning variability in the CMIP5 LuAnne Thompson University of Washington Download
Revelations about parameterizing lee waves in ocean models David Trossman NASA GSFC/Johns Hopkins University Download
A GEWEX Process Evaluation Study (PROES) of water and energy cycles in mid-latitude storms George Tselioudis NASA/GISS Download
Cloud-radiative feedback in the DYNAMO MJO events Shuguang Wang Columbia University Download
An evaluation of the temperature and salinity structure of the North Atlantic circulation based on an eddy-resolving simulation Xiaobiao Xu Florida State University Download
Remote Sensing of the Thermal Structure of Marine Boundary Clouds in the Southeast Pacific using COSMIC, CALIOP, and Radiosonde Zhen Zeng UCAR/COSMIC Download
Shallow Cloud at Manus in Observations and GCM Simulations Chidong Zhang University of Miami Download

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