US Climate Variability and Predictability Program

Understanding the Response of Greenland's Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcing Agenda

U.S. CLIVAR International Workshop
Wylie Inn & Conference Center, Beverly, MA


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9:00 – 10:15: Session 1. Introduction and Big Picture Motivation

F. Straneo - Introduction: Meeting Structure and Goals (20 min)  Talk

B. Bindschadler – Staying Ahead of the Greenland Ice Sheet (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

I. Joughin – Recent Greenland Ice Sheet Variability (20 min) Image removed.  Talk 


10:15 - 10:45: Coffee Break


10:45 - 12:15: Session 2. Evidence of Glacier Variability (Chair: I. Joughin)

T. Moon – Patterns of glacier variability in Greenland (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

L. Stearns – Observing Tidewater Glacier Variability: Progress and Challenges (20 min) Image removed. Talk

M. Truffer - Lessons learned from Alaskan tidewater glaciers (20 min)


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • G. Hamilton – Factors leading to the onset of tidewater glacier terminus retreat  Image removed.
  • A. Ahlstrøm – Seasonal velocity variations of 11 outlet glaciers from in situ GPS   Image removed. Talk Poster
  • M. Andersen – Dynamic mass loss of North West Greenland  Image removed.  Talk
  • E. Enderlin – Re-examining the timing of recent dynamic changes in NW Greenland Image removed. Talk  Poster
  • M. Truffer – Fjord /Glacier Ice Interactions: Nuup Kangerlua (Godthåbsfjord) Image removed. Talk  Poster
  • V. Miles - Rapid changes in advance-retreat (co) variability of Sermilik fjord glaciers, SE Greenland
  • S. Foga - Flow variability of Heilheim Glacier and potential oceanic forcing Talk  Poster


12:15 – 1:30: Lunch


1:45 – 3:00: Session 3. What are the Proposed Mechanisms? (Chair: R. Bindschadler)

A. Vieli – Modelling the dynamics of tidewater outlet glaciers: approaches, issues, perspectives (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

J. Amundson – In defense of ice mélange (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

R. Motyka – Submarine melting: drivers, measurement, and importance (20 min)  Talk 




3:00 – 3:30: Coffee Break


3:30 - 5:00: Session 4. What Can the Paleo Record Teach Us? (Chairs: D. Roberts, A. Vieli)

C. Andresen – Linking glaciers, ocean and atmospheric variability – lessons from marine sediment archives (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

J. Lloyd –  Long term variability of the ocean around Greenland (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

D. Roberts – West Greenland ice stream instability during the LGM/Holocene transition (20 min) Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • A. Carlson – Paleo influence of ocean temperatures on southwest GIS margins  Image removed.  Talk
  • A. Jennings – The Role of Ocean Warming in Central West Greenland Ice Stream Retreat: LGM through Deglaciation  Image removed.  Talk
  • L. Levy – Constraints on the Holocene extents of the southwestern margin of the GIS  Image removed.  Talk
  • T. Lowell – Late Holocene Expansion of the GIS and Implications for Its Current Decay  Image removed.  Talk
  • K. Nisancioglu – Melting of Northern Greenland during the last interglacial  Image removed.  Talk   Poster
  • M. Kelly – Late glacial-early Holocene fluctuations of GIS outlet glaciers and adjacent local ice caps  Image removed. Talk
  • K. Kjeldsen – Mass loss of the southern half of the GIS since the Little Ice Age Max  Image removed. Talk & Poster will not be made available online


5:00 - 6:00: End of Day Discussion (Moderators: L. Padman, G. Hamilton)

6:00 - 7:00: Poster Session I

7:30  Dinner at the Salem Beerworks, Salem, MA

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8:30 – 10:00: Session 5. Dynamics at the Ice-Ocean Boundary (R. Motyka, D. Menemenlis)

A. Jenkins – Ice-Ocean Boundary Dynamics (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

K. Nicholls – Observations from the ice-ocean boundary (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • S. Kimura – An application of plume theory to assess impacts of subglacial discharge on glacier subaqueous melting  Image removed.  Talk
  • T. Millgate – Effect of Basal Channels on Oceanic Ice-Shelf Melting  Image removed.  Talk   Poster
  • S. Hossainzadeh – Effects of Greenland’s Runoff in a Regional Arctic System Model   Image removed.  Talk  Poster
  • R. Sciascia – Seasonal variability of submarine melting and circulation in an East Greenland fjord  Image removed.  Talk  Poster
  • A. Wells – Melting-driven evolution of an ice shelf coupled to a buoyant meltwater plume  Image removed.  Talk
  • Y. Xu – Subaqueous melting of Store Glacier, W Greenland from 3D numerical modeling and ocean observations  Image removed.  Talk



10:00 - 10:30: Coffee Break


10:30 - 12:15: Session 6. Role of (sub) Glacial Hydrology (Chairs: O. Sergienko, D. van As)

I. Hewitt – Modeling glacial hydrology: implications for submarine melt water discharge (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

T. Creyts - Seeing what condition the condition is in: Characteristics of Greenland drainage in englacial and subglacial systems (20 min) Talk will not be available online.


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • T. Creyts – Fast or slow?: Englacial drainage in the Greenland Ice Sheet  Image removed.  Talk
  • K. Schild – Understanding the Subglacial Hydrological Environment of a Greenland Tidewater Glacier  Image removed.  Talk
  • W. Chu – Role of subglacial hydrology and basal topography in driving ice flow of Greenland outlet glaciers  Image removed.  Talk
  • D. Lampkin – A Fuel Injected Ice Stream? Melt Water Drainage from Saturated Crevasses, Jakobshavn  Image removed.  Talk
  • D. Van As – Increasing meltwater discharge from the Nuuk (SW) region  Image removed.  Poster



12:15 – 1:30: Lunch


1:45 – 3:30: Session 7. Oceanic Forcing at the Glaciers’ Edge (Chairs: F. Straneo, J. Mortensen)

D. Sutherland – Connections between continental shelf circulation and fjord circulation (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

F. Straneo – Observations at the margins of Greenland Glaciers (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • P. Budgell –A Nested High-Resolution Simulation of Circulation in Sermilik Fjord  Image removed.  Talk   Poster
  • R. Jackson – Shelf-forced fjord circulation and heat transport at the terminus of a major outlet glacier  Image removed.  Talk  Poster
  • C. Gladish – Sub-annual renewal of a Greenland glacial fjord driven by subglacial fresh water discharge  Image removed.  Talk   Poster
  • L. Padman – Decadal Variability of Petermann Gletscher, NW Greenland - Ice, Ocean, and Atmosphere  Image removed. Talk  
  • V. Miles – Rapid changes in advance–retreat (co) variability of Sermilik fjord glaciers, southeast Greenland  Image removed.  Talk
  • J. Mortensen– Circulation and heat sources for glacial melt in a subarctic sill fjord (Godthabsfjord)  Image removed. Talk   Poster
  • J. Bendtsen – Modeling of intermediate water mass formation and heat transport in Godthabsfjord  Image removed.  Talk
  • R. Motyka - LeConte Glacier, Alaska: Submarine Melting and Proglacial Fjord Dynamics in September 2012  Image removed.  Talk  Poster



3:30 - 4:00: Coffee Break

4:00 - 5:00: End of Day Discussion (Moderators: R. Hallberg, O. Sergienko)

5:00 - 6:00: Poster Session II

6:00:  Reception at Wiley

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8:30 – 10:30: Session 8. Large Scale Ocean/Continental Shelves (Chairs: F. Straneo, P. Heimbach)

I. Fenty – Ocean Variability around Greenland: Insights from Observations and a Coupled Ocean-Sea Ice Model (20 min) Image removed.  Talk

R. Curry – Variability in the North Atlantic Ocean 1950-2010 (20 min)  Talk

T. Haine – Modeling the large-scale ocean circulation around Greenland (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • I. Koszalka – Oceanic variability on the SE Greenland shelf in the vicinity of the Helmheim-Sermilik glacier-fjord system  Image removed.
  • W. Maslowski – Modeling of Ocean Dynamics and Variability near Greenland’s Marine Terminating Glaciers  Image removed.  Talk
  • U. Schauer – Decadal warming in the West Spitsbergen Current in Fram Strait  Image removed.  Talk
  • P. Dodd – The Supply of Warm Atlantic Water to Nioghalvfjerdsbræn in North East Greenland  Image removed.  Talk
  • P. Myers – Oceanographic processes in Baffin Bay impacting or being impacted by Greenland  Image removed.  Talk
  • B. Harden – Shelf variability and the forcing of hydrographic changes within Sermilik fjord  Image removed.  Talk



10:30 - 11:00: Coffee Break


11:00 - 12:15: Session 9. Calving and Ice Melange  (Chairs: I. Joughin, G. Hamilton)

J. Bassis – Granular model of ice (partially) explains diverse calving patterns from grounded and floating glaciers (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • A. Taylor – A physically-based crevasse-depth calving model applied in two dimensions to marine outlet glaciers:  Image removed.  Talk
  • T. Bartholomaus – Does calving matter? Evidence for significant submarine melt  Image removed.  Talk Poster
  • R. Cassotto – Observations of tidal and calving impacts on near-terminus ice flow and terminus stability?  Image removed.  Talk Poster
  • M. Dennin – Jamming of Ice Melange: Modeling Ice Melange Dynamics with Particle Rafts  Image removed.  Talk Poster
  • W. Sneed – Norske Oer Ice Barrier: permanent, semi-permanent, or not  Image removed.  Talk Poster
  • C. Richards – Timing and characterization of calving events from surface waves  Image removed.  Talk Poster
  • M. Oltmanns – Forcing of the ice by Katabatic winds – Ammassalik, SE Greenland  Image removed.  Talk



12:15 – 1:30: Lunch


1:45 - 3:30:  Session 10. Modeling Glaciers, Ice sheets and Climate (Chairs: A. Vieli, S. Price)

H. Seroussi – Modeling of Greenland dynamics (20 min) Talk will not be available online.

S. Price – Land Ice Modeling in Earth System Models (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • O. Sergienko – Basal conditions of fast-flowing outlet glaciers and ice streams from 3D inversions  Image removed.  Talk
  • F. Nick – Future sea-level rise from Greenland’s major outlet glaciers in a warming climate  Image removed.  Talk   Poster  
  • A. Humbert – Modelling concepts of the Jacobshavn Isbrae and the Greenland Ice Sheet  Image removed.  Talk
  • R. Hallberg – Adding Coupling between Oceans and Ice-sheet Dynamics to Coupled Climate Models  Image removed.  Talk
  • N. Schlegel – Sensitivity of flow in Greenland glaciers to errors in surface mass balance forcing  Image removed.  Talk & Poster will not be available online.
  • C. Rodehacke – Fully coupled ice sheet–earth system simulations: GIS response to CO2  Image removed.  Talk
  • C. Little – Uncertainty in 21st century oceanic heat content near Greenland  Image removed.  Talk Poster



3:30 - 4:00: Coffee Break


4:00 - 5:00: Session 11. Bathymetry (Chairs: J. Mortensen, R. Motyka)

R. Bell – Airborne Measurements of Glaciers and Fjords (20 min) Image removed.  Talk


Science Presentations and Poster Introductions (3 min each)

  • K. Tinto – Bathymetry in fjords of Northwestern Greenland from Operation IceBridge aerogravity  Image removed.  Talk
  • D. Porter – Fjord bathymetry controls on basal melt and glacier retreat in Greenland  Image removed.  Talk



5:00 - 6:00: End of Day Discussion (Moderators: L. Stearns, D. Menemenlis)

6:00 - 7:00: Poster Session III

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FRIDAY, JUNE 7th (morning only)

Session timing to be announced soon. 


Session 12. A programmatic perspective - opportunities and challenges

Moderators: NSF, NASA, IceBridge Program/Project Managers 

Operation IceBridge - M. Studinger

U.S. CLIVAR Perspective - M. Patterson

Tom Wagner's Discussion Notes

Proposed Research Strategy


Megasites Discussion Notes

Greenland Wide Observing Network


Session 13. Discussion I – What are the prioritized questions?

Leaders: B. Bindschadler, P. Heimbach, R. Motyka


10:00 - 10:30: Coffee Break


Session 14. Discussion II – What are the key modeling needs?

Leaders: S. Price, A. Vieli


Session 15. Discussion III – What are the key observations and how do we get them?

Leaders: A. Jenkins, G. Hamilton, F. Straneo


12:30: Lunch (included)



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